Livestream has acquired the premium exact match domain name from its past owners, Mevo Inc. for its Mevo live streaming camera, Mevo.

Livestream launched a live streaming camera in January 2016 branded Movi and launched with the domain name By April 2016 Livestream rebranded the Movi to Mevo and started using

Anytime you name your product one thing and your domain name is different, it’s a problem. People will almost always assume a branded product uses the premium exact match .com domain name. It’s not always the case but the larger the company, the more likely. If you don’t, you will lose traffic, email and simply create confusion. Even ad click through rate improves, with an exact match domain name!

If you are promoting Mevo, it simply makes sense that you easily allow interested parties to find it, via You set the name, then give consumers an easy route to buy! is the best domain name for the Mevo brand. isn’t professional, it adds another word for somebody to remember and it creates confusion. has been registered since March 8, 2004 and was acquired from for $2,100 on December 20, 2006 by Mevo, Inc. Although the current purchase price is unknown, the domain name became a valuable asset for Mevo Inc., which very likely resulted in a high five figure sale, with good potential to be into the six figure range.

Congratulations to both parties and a very wise purchase by Livestream. It secures the brand name and provides an easy path for those interested in the Mevo live streaming camera.

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  1. they contacted me then and i was almost selling them Movi.TV. They changed their brand name at last minute.:)


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