The premium generic domain name has been acquired by Intuit Inc. from Discovery Communications, LLC according to whois records.

The domain name has been registered since May 31, 1997 and was doing a redirect to (still is at time of writing). Whois records changed from Discovery to Intuit at brand protection domain registrar MarkMonitor Inc. Whois Intuit

The domain name was likely acquired for a new financial app recently launched by Intuit, called Turbo. They are currently using the domain name to help promote the offering. That domain name redirects to the sub-domain name and I’d expect to likely do the same to secure the Turbo branding.

I’d value in the seven figures and I’d expect Discovery to be very close and wise enough to know the value of the asset they owned. They own many premium domain names and have had to pay the premium prices great domain name yield.

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7 Responses to Intuit Inc. Acquires Domain From Discovery Communications
  1. What a brand! Must have been 7 figures

    • Why must it have been 7 figures?

      One thing I have noticed is the domain industry regularly overestimates with these guesses.

      • @Snoopy,
        Because it’s a really great domain. Very limited supply of this quality and both parties have funds to make it a seven figure transaction and not worry about it.

        • That doesn’t mean it must have been 7 figures.

          Great name but it could have sold for 300k. It is silly stuff where a great name sells and then people say “it must have sold for $X” which is always an extremely high price.

  2. To be honest even my turbo was a good domain.

  3. Super name.Thanks Jamie.

  4. I’d like to know the actual price that one went for (Whenever that info becomes available). 🙂 Great brandable/dictionary word.


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