Premium domain name brokerage firm Media Options has sold the premium domain name!

The domain name has just moved into holdings according to whois records: Whois Records

Based on the email address used for Escrow, this tells me that payments are being made on the domain name or a potential lease or lease to own. In early August 2016, DotWeekly reported that had sold via Sedo, for $13,500 and whois records indicate that a Jennifer Schell was the buyer. Did she also purchase the .com?

Jennifer does own several other Santa related domain names, like which is a developed website listed under IncubatePRO, Inc. IS redirecting to the sub-domain name, so I think it’s clear who the buyer of is, although whois records are not showing the owner due to escrow.

I reached out to Andrew Rosener, founder of Media Options for comment on the sale but have not heard back immediately at time of posting. I also have a message into Jennifer to see if she can share any information relating to the two domain name purchases. I will update if or when either reply. It is fairly rare that buyer and seller share details, so that is the reason I am posting the article prior to hearing back 🙂 I am hopeful that one is willing to share some details though!

Congrats goes out to both buyer and seller!

Update: Andrew is not able to comment, which is likely due to a NDA.

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2 Responses to Ho Ho Ho, Media Options Sells Domain Name
  1. I hope the new owner is Santa, so the name finally goes to the right person.

  2. I like seeing someone methodically build a business like that. Kmart smart


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