Hard work is something that I feel I do a lot. This means doing more than what most others do! Putting in countless hours of digging domain names and going the extra mile.

Well, Gary Shane Warne is another hard worker. A domain name investor from the early days, starting in 1991, Shane as he goes by has had his share of domain names he has owned but the domain name ZFE.com was a recent result of hard work!

Shane purchased the 3 letter .com domain name at domain name aftermarket Sedo.com for just $2,279 USD. A really great deal! How great of a deal? Consider that minimum wholesale prices for 3 letter .com domain names were $2,250 back in March 2006! 9 years ago!

What was the magical way that Shane was able to buy the domain? Shane was browsing Buy It Now recently listed domain names at Sedo and he had run into the domain name listing for ZFE.com for $2,279 and instantly clicked the buy it now feature and held out hope that the transaction would complete. It did and as Shane put it:

I wish I had an interesting story to tell regarding that particular purchase. Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, I got lucky… Having said that, I check the new “Buy It Now” listings at various market places more frequently than most, so I guess I get lucky more often than usual.

Was the domain seller not aware of minimum wholesale prices? Was the domain listed as Buy It Now instead of Make Offer and $2,279 was the minimum? Did Sedo “suggest” the listing price and the seller just went with it? I do not have the exact answer to this question but I do know that Sedo does have a suggested pricing feature that is automated and spits out a suggested price. The member can use that price and it defaults to BIN. That is my guess as to what happened and the seller must have been happy with the $2,279 price as the transaction completed without a hitch.

This wasn’t Shane’s wildest deal he has had over his years investing in domain names, as an interesting individual tried to offer 20 memory foam mattresses for a CC .com domain name ranks up at the top he said! This deal never happened but provided a good laugh Shane said.

Frequently scouring endless BIN lists, just to find that rare, under-priced “needle in a haystack,” is not my favorite acquisition methodology. However, for anyone with a small amount of time to spare each day, it can add to the overall revenue stream, so it’s worth the effort.

Shane has turned down a real $10,000 offer on the domain name already and several other $7K and $8K offers, but the domain does have a more realistic listing price of $15,038 currently at Sedo. View ZFE.com’s listing page.

I remember back in early 2008 a similar situation over at Afternic.com happened when the company iReit, who owns a lot of domain names had listed several domain names with buy it now pricing and many others got some great deals:

ZLI.com $500
RLU.com $900
LLJ.com $602.50
WJA.com $734.50
PQT.com $571.00
Say.org $500
Gut.org $500

There are great deals to be had in the domain name industry and putting in some extra work does pay off! A little luck doesn’t hurt either!

You can checkout some of Shane’s domain names like Weights.com, Frail.com, Bore.com etc. or get in contact with Shane by visiting his web properties site: Labyrinth.com

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Jamie Zoch is a domain investor, dad and dedicated husband who founded DotWeekly.com in 2008 to bring unique and helpful views on domain names. Jamie is very passionate about domain names and helping others learn and prosper.

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  1. Is there a list of all the 2/3/4/5 letter combinations?
    I thought I read about that somewhere in the past


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