Welcome to the latest company focused Domain Movers series. Here are the latest domain name transactions detected:

Land O Lakes, Inc. were the buyers of PerformanceMinded.com from BuyDomains.com, which I mentioned earlier but I didn’t know the buyers at the time.

Numatch Inc. has acquired SimplyMarriage.com at Afternic for an undisclosed amount.

Chick-Fil-A appears to have had to pay for a domain name they had already owned. iPickChicken.com which was owned by Chick-Fil-A and registered with Register.com held an expiration date of December 22, 2017. The domain potentially auto-renewed by the registrar on 12/23 but may have been renewed by Chick-Fil-A. A bit odd, because a whois history record on March 21, 2018 which is one day shy of 3 Months after the potential expiration date, Chick-Fil-A still appears in whois records and no name servers were changed. On March 26, 2018 New Ventures Services (subsidiary of Web.com Group, who owns Register.com / Network Solutions) appears in whois and name servers change to ZtoMy.com. ICANN allows registrars 45 days from expiration to receive a refund on a Auto-Renew Grace Period. Based on whois records, if this domain was AGP, it was well beyond that. So in general, it is not clear who renewed the domain on December 23, 2017. On March 30, 2018, 4 days after New Ventures Services appears in whois, the domain name moves into Afternic Escrow (sells) and on April 5, 2018 Chick-Fil-A reappears in whois records. The domain has now transferred to Network Solutions….

Caterpillar Inc. registered a bunch of Credit and Card related domain names with the Caterpiller brand name.  Many are different spellings of caterpillar and all were .com / .net / .info domain names. CaterpillarCreditCard.net was one registered and CaterpillarCreditCard.com was actually registered February 13, 2018 under whois privacy at GoDaddy. It is not clear who owns that domain. Some of the registrations also included “My” caterpillar card/credit.

Home Box Office, Inc. has acquired HBONet.com from its past owners. The domain name has been registered since May 3, 2002. The domain held an offering price of $6,488.

Google LLC has taken ownership of YouTubeKids.com. The domain name has been registered since August 30, 2006. It is not clear if the domain name was obtained via legal matters or purchased from its past owners.

The Procter & Gamble Company registered BounceSpray.com and BounceTouchUp.com. I’m not aware of a Bounce Spray, so this may be a new product offering from P&G.

FeelTheFlow.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain name held a buy now of $2,900. The domain name was owned by Tucows prior and was using DomainAgents.com at the time of the sale.

Microsoft Corporation has acquired EveryoneCodes.com from HugeDomains.com. The domain name held a buy now of $1,995.

Tactile.dk a Danish game developer had acquired TactileGames.com out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio for an undisclosed amount.

Trout Lake Enterprises, Inc. which owns CoontailSports.com has acquired Coontail.com from Name Administration Inc. The domain name held a buy now of $27,300 but the exact sales price is unknown. The company brands as Coontail, so the domain name makes perfect sense for them. They offer kayaks, paddle boards, rentals and more and are located in my home state of Wisconsin.

SignatureBanks.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client, for an unknown amount.

Bliss.com has changed ownership from Mode Media Corp (Glam Media) to Brideclick Inc. and transferred into Amazon’s registrar in the process. Brideclick acquired Mode Media in June 2017 after Mode Media abruptly shut down. Some other domain names that were included were Glam.com, Mode.com & Tinker.com. I also wrote about this a little bit in August 2017 here. At that time, I just noticed Tinker.com was pendingtransfer.

Sattler AG has acquired its exact match .com domain name Sattler.com from Tucows. The domain was part of the MailBank domain name portfolio and appears to have sold in late 2017.

IxWorld.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was registered January 1, 2016 by HugeDomains.com and was acquired at Afternic.com.

Comcast Corporation has acquired DitchTheDish.com from its past owners, Regency Homes, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. The domain name has been registered since 2004. Not sure how much Dish Network will like this domain with its TM in it?

Sift.com which I mentioned was sold by Sift.co.uk in an interesting move, has moved out of Escrow.com. I was able to confirm directly from Sift.co.uk that they sold the domain name. Ben Heald stated: “Ultimately, as it wasn’t a trading brand, we decided to sell it when we received a decent incoming offer.” The domain name has since transferred to Google’s registrar and the domain continues to redirect to Sift.co.uk. The redirect isn’t uncommon and was likely worked out to take place for a set amount of days to alert customers of the domain change.

The Hertz Corporation registered the domain name HertzArena.com for potentially a naming deal of some sort.

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