has sold the premium 2 letter domain name just moved into Afternic  Escrow (also owned by GoDaddy), so the buyers are currently unknown. The GK sale follows on the heals of being sold by GoDaddy around December 5, 2016.

In total, this is the 5th two letter .com domain name sale by GoDaddy since they acquired the Elite Domains domain portfolio for a reported $42.5M in April 2016. That portfolio of 100,000+ domain names contained 24 two letter .com domains. The 5, two letter domains GoDaddy has sold this year include:


Every 2 letter .com sale holds great potential to be a 7 figure domain deal! Minimum wholesale has continued to climb on these assets, as they should. The majority of the 676 that exist are owned by large corporations and likely will never go up for sale. Great assets!

To note, was offered for $1,500,000 and just may have sold for that amount.

Congrats to buyer and seller!

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  1. Congrats to the buyers.

    We have 5 domain names and have never see a reasonable offer.

    We did sell one about 10 years ago for $800k + got an in return.


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