GoDaddy has been on a roll! Yesterday reported that GoDaddy sold and now today I had noticed they have also sold and!

The domain name was the 6th, 2 letter .com domain GoDaddy had sold since April 2016 (when they acquired the Elite Domains portfolio) and now that total jumps to 8!

The 2 letter .com domain sales for GoDaddy include:

GoDaddy acquired all these 2 letter .com domains when they purchased the Elite Domains portfolio (for about $45M), which contained 24 two letter .com domains and a total of over 100,000+ domains.

Out of the new portfolio GoDaddy recently acquired, Traffic Names LTD which DotWeekly broke the news on, GoDaddy has sold 4 three number .com domains as well (all that were in the portfolio).


To continue, it appears GoDaddy has sold the ultra premium 2 number domain name, which it also acquired in the Traffic Names portfolio. That domain has now went into whois privacy protection at GoDaddy, which indicates a sale took place.


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2 Responses to GoDaddy Sells & Domain Names
  1. Godaddy is definitely on a roll. The intentions behind acquiring so many bulk portfolios lately is becoming very clear,

  2. The Chinese love cherry picking portfolios, and you had a lot of low hanging fruit, and no emotional attachment.

    That is what the beauty of godaddy is, no emotional attachment, just doing their job, not their domain, more names they sell, more their stock goes up, more money they make.

    Easy Peeazy


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