GoDaddy has sold the ultra premium 2 letter domain name with it going to a Chinese investor based on whois records. Whois Record

The domain name was acquired by GoDaddy when they purchased the Elite Domains domain name portfolio, which contained about 23, 2 letter .com’s based on my research.

All of GoDaddy/NameFind 2 letter .com domains are listed with either $1.5 Million or higher minimum offer amounts!

I have also heard word that may have also been sold and whois records are backing this up with a “xiaosheng Liu” showing up.

As I mentioned recently, GoDaddy has been crushing it with domain name sales, also selling in the past couple of days and many other high valued domains!

Update: George Kirikos also points out that GoDaddy has sold, bringing the total to 3, two letter .com’s sold recently.

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2 Responses to GoDaddy Sells 2 Letter Domain Name
  1. Thanks for sharing!
    Great sale. All 2L .com are worth well into 7 figs.

  2. Awesome sale! It’s nice to see that Godaddy is still charging forward and making a larger footprint in the industry. They appear to be putting their profits to good use in expansions and other strategic moves.


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