According to whois records, FSBO service Fizber has acquired the premium domain name from real estate marketplace Ten-X.

Based on whois records, Ten-X, LLC owned the domain name as late as December 10, 2017. Today, I detected a change of registrant to The Sold Company and the domain name is now redirecting to Whois Record

Ten-X was formally and rebranded in January 2016 to widen the offering of the real estate company. Ten-X went under new ownership in late 2017, when THL took majority stake of the company. Fizber launched in 2007 and does not appear to have any affiliation with THL and I wonder if Fizber is planning a rebrand to In general, the domain can be used in many ways but would be a powerful brand name. Ten-X still owns a trademark for in real estate, so I’d assume that TM would have been included in the potential sale., LLC acquired from Dominion Enterprises in 2012 based on whois history records.

I have reached out to both Fizber and Ten-X for comment and will update this story when/if they reply.

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