Yesterday I reported that Facebook acquired the premium domain name and now they have acquired another premium domain name, from its past owners.

React is a programming language used by Facebook and is a JavaScript library for user interfaces. Facebook has been using the domain name for the project but I’d expect that to change to in the near future. Currently, is redirecting to Facebook Whois

How much? That always seems to be the burning question but the purchase price is unknown. Five-Six figures is a good bet. was owned by Novel Brands LTD of the UK prior and has been registered since November 22, 1994. I did report that sold in December 2016 on Sedo for an undisclosed amount and Pilar BV appear to have been the buyers then. Novel Brands LTD appears in whois history records on April 27, 2018. The domain then moved to whois privacy on May 12, 2018 at GoDaddy, so there is the potential that is when Facebook acquired it.

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  1. the domain sat with sedotransfer email address for all of 2017? odd.

  2. Awesome Jamie, thanks


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