Example: Improve Marketing With Domain Names

Chicken Of The Sea is offering a new EZ-Open can and is running a promotional game called Pull It Off to help in its efforts to market the new packaging.

Based on the companies press release, “Seafood lovers can find rewards when they “Pull It Off”” and the game is available on Facebook, while providing a link to the companies Chicken Of The Sea’s Facebook page.

Chicken Of The Sea EZ-Open can

Taking a closer look

The term Pull It Off is used 6 times in the press release.

The term EZ-Open is used 17 times.

IMO, those two terms beyond the brand name Chicken Of The Sea are the two focal points in the PR. Considering EZ-Open and Pull It Off are focal points, one of those two terms should be used as a catchy message (call to action) to draw in users. I personally like Pull It Off! It’s clear, catchy, easy to remember and draws attention.

EZ-Open is okay, but confusing. It fails the radio test (Easy, EZ) and since the term presents a hyphen, it creates even more confusion if it were used as a domain name. Hyphen, no hyphen, easy or ez.

Control. In this promotion, Chicken Of The Sea is “putting all of its eggs in one basket” by directing consumers to a Facebook page. What if Facebook is down? What if somebody doesn’t use Facebook? What if the user goes to Facebook and “searches” EZ-Open or Pull It Off or something else? What if the person tries to remember the LONG URL for the Facebook page to mention it to a friend? LOST, lacking control and limited options are never a good thing and this is what happens when you do something like this!

Control is a good thing and creating a mini-site (or using a newly created page on a main website) that you own, provides great control and nearly endless options!

So, how would I improve this marketing effort?

Pull It Off would become my focal point, call to action term. The can is a pull off removable top. How do you get to your food now that you do not need a can opener? Pull It Off!

The exact match domain name: PullItOff.com is available for purchase for $4,288! Fair deal and it gives me options. If I didn’t want to spend ad budget to make a mini-site and have the game/promotion on “my site”, I would use the domain name PullItOff.com and redirect it. What looks better: PullItOff.com or https://www.facebook.com/ChickenoftheSea/. (that period is in the PR) One could also create a special page on the companies main brand website as well and use a redirect to it: ChickenOfTheSea.com/PullItOff/ for an example.

PullItOff.com is the clear winner to continue the message!

I personally would create the mini-site, because this allows better positioning in search engines. I would also create a page on the companies main website. It simply provides more options on the website. It allows for better cross promotion through other social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vine and more. It also allows for “spotlighting” of the new product/can without other distractions.

Facebook is simply limiting, you lose control and have other distractions (messenger, and other FB icons that are on all pages in the tool bar). Plus, a user has to be logged into Facebook to even see the page!!! To note, the company promoted its general Chicken Of The Sea brand page and NOT a specific page for the Pull It Off game/promotion.

In closing:

I would use Pull It Off as a focal term. I would use the exact match domain name PullItOff.com in marketing that would go to a dedicated mini-site or a dedicated page on the companies main website. I would also use the domain name PullItOff.com ON the new can packaging to help attract more people to the game, recipes, social media and more.

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  1. Amazing the amount of advertising dollars wasted without a good marketing plan,they probably spent the purchase price of that domain on the first meeting and lunch.

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