DotWeekly Discoveries: Retweet, P&G, Hilton And More

Here is another quick DotWeekly Discoveries with a few domain movers that I discovered and what is happening with each domain name. Most of today’s entries include hand registrations but also include other domain movers from some large companies.

This story is still developing, because I do not yet know who the new owner is. New owner? Yes, the domain expired and was auctioned at GoDaddy Auction as an expired domain. The auction ended for $24,250 and many figured the domain would get renewed before the winning bidder got the domain.. well, I am 99% certain, the winning bidder got the domain and it was not reclaimed by Dollar Rose Holdings. You can read my first story about here.

Did Twitter buy Again, hard to say at this point. The domain had an update to whois today (6/25/2014 but registrant data wasn’t included). Since the domain is / was in the process of being pushed to a new registrant, this is likely the reason. If the domain is being transferred out, this could also result. I will keep an eye on this story to try and find out who the new owner is.

Small update 6/25/14 8:55 pm: The whois for went to Privacy registration. The domain also remains in my “watching” account at GoDaddy Auctoins, so this tells me 100% that the domain changed ownership. To who is still the question.


Since we are talking about Retweet, why not talk about Twitter a little bit! Yesterday, had a story about a new “Retweet with comments” feature Twitter is working on.. interesting! Does Twitter need the domain? It wouldn’t hurt, but I don’t think they really do? No!

Still on with Twitter…. they hand registered a new domain: . The domain doesn’t resolve yet, but they registered it and will likely do something with it.


Hand registered the domains: and also picked up the .net and .org domains. This is likely to help promote ad measurement, but it could also be used for something other than what I found.

Hilton Hotel

Hilton registered a couple new domain names and those are: and

The TJX Company (TJ Max, Marshals, Homesense)

Hand registered the domain name . I like this domain and clearly it depends on how they use it.. but I see it being used as an app or notification system on “New Items” to the store or brand. Nice hand reg IMO!

P&G is a domain name that Procter & Gamble has owned for sometime, but for some reason they transferred the domain away from MarkMonitor and to GoDaddy. P&G also started forwarding the domain name to a Linkedin page for “Tremor”. Powered by P&G, TREMOR™ creates powerful and positive word-of-mouth recommendations for your brand, according to the Linkedin page. Tremor was founded in 2000.

Bausch & Lomb

Hand registered the domain name . Ultra is a new contact lense that focuses on “NEW! Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses with MoistureSeal technology – helps prevent lens dehydration that may be caused by reduced blink rates.” The reduced blink rates is from viewing computers and smartphones. Fact: You actually blink 66% less, when looking at a computer screen or other digital device!

Bridgestone is a domain Bridgestone has owned for awhile but they seem to be playing around with the domain a little bit. Not sure if they are planning a launch of a new product or service relating to “Easy Tire” or not, but they might be. The domain resolves to an empty white page right now, but they might be in the process of building a site on it.

That is all I have for you today with this DotWeekly Discoveries!

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