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How can help you?

Every entity needs a unique recruiting tool and since domain names are unique, speak volumes just by looking at them and easily allow visitors via mobile or web to access your website, owning the premium domain is a very wise choice!

Branding! Not everybody is familiar with specific brands and often use the internet in a general form based on what they are looking for. This often results in a generic web search like: “Phd”

Natural! Since the web works based on keywords, search engines return results relating to a users search keyword. This is why exact match domain names always rank well and make sense to the user. If I’m looking to obtain a Phd, nothing makes more sense and feels more safe than

Did you know that on average, at Google alone, over 300,000 searches are done per month for exactly “phd”? Over 9 Million searches are done monthly that contain “phd”. Amazing! These are real people looking for what you offer.

This domain name becomes an amazing tool that basically offers “free advertising” to millions of real people naturally searching every month!

Asset! This premium domain name will hold, if not gain value! That is an asset and a very valuable and useful one.

How much? Always the burning question but I am happy to announce a very fair purchase price of only US$35,000  This is very much in line with what other 3 letter .org domain names are selling for, but I greatly feel that PHD(.)org is much more valuable due to the field and search volume.

All transactions are handled via a 3rd party escrow service for the transfer of funds and domain name for safety and security of both parties.

Please contact Jamie Zoch, DotWeekly founder below with any questions or if you would like to start the purchase process.