Domain Movers

Domain Movers is a unique and exciting series that focuses on domain names that are being acquired, registered or simply moving for one reason or another mainly all by large corporations.

I scour the web and use a bunch of tools to detect these domain names that often would go unreported otherwise. I find the best and simply present to you the findings using several forms of research, but with a heavy focus using whois records. I try my best to provide at least some information with each domain mover I detect.

I started Domain Movers here on DotWeekly but on March 27, 2015 I partnered with and began publishing the articles on You can see all the Domain Movers articles by clicking that link, which is the category for Domain Movers on TheDomains. I try to publish a minimum of 2 articles a week that are always exciting and full of unique information, so I invite you to stop over and check them out. You can also subscribe and get email notifications of new articles.

Since my findings are often early, these articles shed light on future brands, marketing campaigns, new products, business sales and much more.

Thank you for your interest in the series and I hope you enjoy it! If you want to checkout past Domain Movers articles on DotWeekly, you can do so by visiting the category Domain Mover by clicking that link.

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