Welcome to Domain Movers! This will be my last domain movers article for awhile as I reconsider things. With that said, here are a few domain movers from over the past 24 hours.

UAE’s home services business MoveSouq.com has done a rebrand (good choice) and has rebranded as ServiceMarket.com after a $3M funding round.

The domain name was part of the NameFind portfolio that is owned by GoDaddy.com. The domain transaction took place between Aug/Sept 2015 for an undisclosed amount. Whatever the domain name did cost them, was well worth it IMO because MoveSouq is hard to pronounce, spell and simply looks bad! ServiceMarket.com is clear, easy to say, type and spell.

You can read more about the recent rebrand here. This is a busy space with Amazon joining the mix, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Sears, Google (beta), Home Depot and many more.

Brauerei Beck GmbH & Co. KG (In-Bev) has registered the domain name TasteTheNight.com

Master Group (Aust.) Pty Ltd. has acquired MasterGroup.net from BuyDomains. I was not able to find a sales price on this one.

Groupe ADEO has acquired Naterial.com. The domain name had an offering price of $3,949 US.

BISSELL Homecare, Inc. has acquired the domain name PetInspired.com, a domain name registered since 2010. The domain name was owned by BuyDomains and sold for $2,316 according to NameBio.com

AT&T Services, Inc. registered the domain names WatchItYourWay.com and WatchYourWay.com

GoDaddy has sold the domain names: imq.com, dbbs.com and DigitalStorefront.com to mention just a few out of the NameFind portfolio.

YK.com appears to have been sold by GoldenName.com? Domain name servers have switched to Tamarack Computers, which is located at the YK Centre Mall. Whois records are showing a Zhu Jian Su as the registrant.

Parkside Professional Products LTD. were the buyers of Parkside.com that I had mentioned in an earlier article of the domain being sold and using Escrow.com. They were using the domain name ParksidePro.com prior.

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  1. Don’t go away, Jamie!

    For me, your “Domain Movers” posts are the #1 “must read” of all the blogs in the domaining sphere.
    I’m sure, many would agree.

  2. Yes Jamie, you do a super work that is appreciated by most. But I understand this takes a lot of time and you have a family to feed… Too bad that the people behind new gtlds domains be so greedy (like most domaining actors BTW) so there is no ad dollars to support your efforts,.


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