Welcome to another domain name movers that includes domain name that have been purchased by large companies, registered, sold and or moving for some reason. Here is today’s list:

Research In Motion Limited registered a couple Android domain names and those were SecuringAndroid.com and ManageAndroid.com . Google is the owner of the Android trademark so I’m not sure why RIM (Blackberry) registered these domain names but it appears they have made some kind of deal with Amazon to use apps, which are Android apps.

Seiko Epson Corporation was the buyer of the ReceiptOrganizer.com domain name that I had mentioned in an earlier article, but wasn’t sure at the time who the actual buyer was.

xPad? It appears that Microsoft is making a play on the term in some way. Maybe for a tablet? A TV tablet? MarkMonitor used its DNStination Inc. and acquired the domain name xPad.org around September 2010 for an unknown buyer until yesterday when whois changed to Microsoft. At this point, it does not appear Microsoft owns the Xpad.com domain.

Microsoft also revealed they own xTV.com which was acquired with the help of Marksmen way back on March 17, 2010. They have also secured and revealed they own xTV.org. This appears to be Xbox related.

CarUnity.com appears to have been purchased by Opel Special Vehicles GmbH. The domain currently holds generic whois data, but Opel registered the .net, .org, .info and .biz on 1/21/2015. CarUnity.com went PendingRenewalDeletion and was auctioned at NameJet as an expired domain auction but nobody backordered it. The domain was removed from the registry and was grabbed on the drop on 9/23/2014. The domain then sold on Sedo for $1,999 on or about 1/21/2015.

Apple-CloudKit.com was registered by Apple Inc. AppleCloudKit.com was registered by a CODE CASSEROLE on June 2, 2014.

DoMore.com has been acquired by Dell Inc. from American Express. This is an interesting purchase! American Express appeared to be using the domain in some fashion (maybe a redirect) to American Express. Anytime “big company A” buys something from “big company B” who knows what the price is! Dell uses domain registrar SafeNames, so the domain transferred out of CSC CORPORATE DOMAINS, INC. to SafeNames.

Sugar.net which was purchased for $15,000 at Sedo domain aftermarket service, was purchased by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains, Inc.

MaaScore.com has been registered by Amazon.

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