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Here are the latest movers detected over the past 24 hours.

Abbvie Inc. has had its brand name domain name Vicodin.com seized by the US Government’s ICE division. I covered this breaking news story in detail earlier this morning in case you missed it.

RapidFuse.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client from HugeDomains.com. The domain held a $2,695 buy now price.

CVS Pharmacy, Inc. was the unknown company that registered ReducedRX.com that I mentioned the other day. CVS owns over 1,200 domain names.

Investissement Luc Poirier has acquired its exact match .com domain name Poirier.com from Tucows, which was part of its Mailbank portfolio. The Canadian company currently uses Poirier.ca as its main domain name and also uses iPoirier.com.

Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America has registered the domain names SmallBusinessSeries.com and SBSeries.com. They also registered DreamBigAward.com, DreamBigAwards.com and USChamberDreamBig.com adding to the 2,100+ domain names they currently own.

Apoorva Corporation has acquired AnythingData.com at domain name aftermarket service Sedo for an undisclosed amount.

Centus has acquired its exact match .com domain name and has acquired Centus.com, also at Sedo. The domain name was purchased for $7,500 USD. The domain was registered in 2014 after being owned by Mogul AB who allowed the domain to expire. The domain was grabbed by Pheenix on the drop.

mPlatform.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. This domain was also acquired at Sedo for an undisclosed amount. This purchase is likely tied to Group M Worldwide, Inc. as they recently announced mPlatform in November 2016. The domain has been registered since 2002.

GoDaddy continues producing sales out of its NameFind domain portfolio. A couple of those were BuyGoods.com acquired by Software Projects Inc. Piloe.com was acquired by Fontes Finance AG. Dictionary term Seldom.com found a new home but the domain is still in escrow, so the buyers are unknown.

FoxNext is a term that was registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domains all contained “Foxnext” + Keyword, like FoxnextGames.com/.net  and other keywords like Interactive, Experiences, Destinations & VRStudios. FoxNext.com, which has been registered since 2008 is owned by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, who is a MarkMonitor client.

Instagram LLC registered a bunch of domain names containing Instagram+Keyword like InstagramKindness.com, InstagramSafety.com, InstagramWellbeing.com and InstagramTogether.com

New public company Snap Inc. registered the domain name SnapStatics.com

Airbnb, Inc. has acquired the domain name WeAccept.com. The domain was for sale using the Uniregistry system and has been registered since 2004. Airbnb did a Super Bowl ad with the term and hashtag #WeAccept in February 2017. The transaction appears to have taken place March 16, 2017, well after the ad in the Super Bowl. Using a domain name gives a company control, using a hashtag does not. Plus, using a domain name in an ad, easily directs a world wide audience to one spot, which is very important.

Hinny & Partner AG has acquired its exact match .com domain name Hinny.com from Frank Schillings Name Administration Inc. The domain name held a $21,000 buy now price. Hinny currently uses Hinny.ch as its main domain name.

As Seen On TV registered several Atomic Glove domain names like AtomicGlove.com, AtomicBeamGlove.com, AtomicGloveFB.com, AtomicGloveAsSeenOnTv.com and a few more.

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