Welcome to the latest Domain Movers where we keep track of corporate domain name transactions. These are often early indicators of future brands, products, services, ad campaigns and domain name upgrades by companies around the world.

Here are the latest detection’s over the past 48 hours:

Fortum Corporation has acquired JoinTheChange.com from HugeDomains. The domain had an offering price of $3,595.

WanderingWifi LLC has acquired AwareSoftware.com out of the GoDaddy NameFind portfolio. The domain is still in escrow currently at Afternic but they registered the .net and .org domain names, so that confirms they were the buyers of the .com

Hubpeople Holdings Limited have acquired HubStars.com from BuyDomains.

Tucows has sold the domain name Whaley.com to a buyer in China for a currently undisclosed amount.

Upside.com has been acquired by the founder of Priceline, Jay Walker and his new travel startup called Upside. The company started on Upside.co and upgraded to the premium .com domain name on June 13, 2016 according to whois records.

Upside just announced a $50M venture round.

SendMyKit.com was registered by White-Rodgers (Emerson).

GlassBridge.com appears to have been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client.

CarbonMonoxide.com has been sold by GoDaddy out of its NameFind domain portfolio. The buyers are currently unknown due to it being early in the transaction.

T-Mobile registered a slew of “SyncUp” domain names like SyncupFamily.com, SyncupFitness.com, SyncupFleet.com, SyncupPet.com (+plural) SyncupSafety.com plus a bunch with the brand name like T-MobileSyncupDrive.com, T-MobileSyncupPet.com etc.

T-Mobile does NOT appear to own Syncup.com which is registered at Register.com and under whois privacy.

Guthy-Renker LLC has acquired TrueFirm.com. They actually acquired the domain from HugeDomains dating back to 2014 but generic whois data was used until now. They also acquired TruFirm.com, which appears to have taken place around May 2015.

Mattel-Mega Holdings US, LLC has acquired Charminis.com, which was only registered on October 11, 2016 by a Luce Kehn. The registrant appears to be a “trademark chaser” as Mattel filed a TM for Charminis on October 6, 2016. I did not see a UDRP filing for this domain.

Advance Digital Inc. has finally acquired its EMD .com domain name, Advance.com. They have long used Advance.net. Kate Buckley was the broker and the domain sold for $300,000.

Numo.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client.

Jet.com, which was acquired by Walmart has changed hosting providers from Cloudflare over to Akamai, which is what Walmart.com also uses. The domain remains registered at GoDaddy, whereas the vast majority of Walmart owned domains are at CSC Corporate Domains.

Microsoft registered MeetFastTrack.com/.net

Nintendo Of America Inc. registered FireEmblemEchoes.com

Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC registered FindYourFlavorite.com. There are a bunch of companies called “Flavorite”, yet none of them own the EMD, which is owned by Kendal Liddle.

Under Armour, Inc. has acquired PuppyArmour.com. Interestingly, the seller of the .com also owns the .net, .org & .us but none of those changed ownership.

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6 Responses to Domain Movers: Upside.com, PuppyArmour.com + More
  1. Under armour sued him for it, they didn’t pay anything, other than their lawyers, don’t mess with them.

    The two companies crossed paths when S&O Innovations registered the PuppyArmour.com domain name and attempted to trademark “puppy armour.” Under Armour successfully petitioned the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to cancel that registration.

  2. The Baltimore-based company filed a trademark infringement suit against Miami-based S&O Innovations LLC, creator of Puppy Armour athletic wear for dogs.

  3. Numo was acquired by the owner of swag.com via flippa

  4. Kate sold a one-word generic dot-com, that exactly matched the primary word in the company’s name, to a multi-billion dollar company, for only $300k? … That was an easy 7 to 8 figure sale. What happened there?

    • @Jermaine,
      Big deals are a different animal but the fact is, the seller was happy and took the deal. With that said, I did think the $300K was on the lower end but not super cheap.


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