Weekend additions of domain name movers is almost always small and today is no different. Today’s list includes a domain buy and a domain mover.

TheNightlyShow.com has been purchased, I assume by Comedy Central but currently only shows generic MarkMonitor whois data. A new spin off show of The Daily Show launched on January 19, 2015 and holds the name of The Nightly Show, hosted by Larry Wilmore.

The domain name TheNightlyShow.com was created in 2004 and appears to have been owned by a Robert Johnson ever since. Based on whois data, the domain name was registered at GoDaddy.com and the transaction appears to have taken place between 1/13 and 1/24. MarkMonitor shows up in whois records on the 24th with the domain still registered at GoDaddy. I did notice a slight change in whois which took place on 11/17/2014, a registrant email change, so there is potential that the domain changed ownership then! If it did, then MarkMonitor was simply hiding they purchased the domain, because it basically changed nothing more in whois than the email address and it’s a “generic” gmail address: nickj88@gmail.com from vega@natel.com .  This doesn’t appear to be the case as the nickj88@gmail is associated with several other domain names under a Nicholas Johnson and none that I could see have a tie to MarkMonitor. Maybe a sibling of Robert?

Currently, TheNightlyShow.com resolves only to a blank white page… They do have a page directly on Comedy Centrals website for the show. (side note, Comedy Central owns the domain name CC.com)

They have also secured the Twitter handle @NightlyShow and the Facebook and Instagram user names TheNightlyShow.

Angus.com which was owned by the Dow Chemical Company and a subsidiary company called Angus Chemical Company, has been sold (the company). Golden Gate Capital was the buyers for $1.215 Billion dollars and the Angus.com domain name was included in the sale.

Angus.com transferred from MarkMonitor to Network Solutions, but currently still retains a dow.com email address. Angus.com was registered in 1992.

According to the press release, the transaction is slated to complete in the first quarter of 2015, so the domain transfer would signal things are moving along, if not nearing completion.

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2 Responses to Domain Movers: TheNightlyShow.com & Angus.com
  1. Amazing the amount of awesome names that change hands in stealth mode.

  2. Many great names do change hands quietly.


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