Welcome to Domain Movers, in this series, DotWeekly focuses on corporate domain name transactions and reports them to you. The following domain names are early finds and will often lead to new brands, services and marketing efforts by many large companies.

I have been pretty busy lately working on a new offering for domain investors, so more on that soon, so that is why my blogging activity has been lower the past several days. I did a podcast on corporate domains over on DomainNameWire.com last week, so if you missed that, you can listen to that here.

Here are the latest Domain Movers:

Tastefully.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain name has been registered since 1996.

GoDaddy was busy selling domains out of its NameFind domain name portfolio. FoundIt.com was acquired by OneHydra.com whois is an SEO service. Glu Mobile Inc. acquired DesignHome.com. Credit-Control.com did a domain name upgrade and acquired CreditControl.com dropping the hyphen. 3 letter .com sales were often, including: EQV.com, GQA.com, HZU.com, OFJ.com, PXU.com, PZV.com, XUQ.com and ZYE.com. SuperCareer.com, Quisling.com, PetReport.com, EnterOnline.com, BigLabs.com and CreditBrokers.com were also all sold.

DomainLife.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain name was purchased via Afternic.

BirdDogs Shorts has acquired its EMD BirdDogs.com using Escrow.com and now resolves its new purchase has its main domain name. The transaction appears to have taken place around October 2015 or just prior as that is when the domain started resolving. The company was using BirddogsShorts.com prior.

Mondelez International, Inc. registered the domain name OreoSpaceDunk.com adding to its domain name portfolio of 3,500+ domain names.

GoDaddy sold over 1,600+ 3 letter .net domain names out of its NameFind portfolio in one shot! Buyer appears to have used Domain Capital to finance the deal. ADE.net is one example with the domain going on the name server Hasns.com which is using Amazon hosting and redirecting to a ParkingCrew parking page. Whois records show Domain Capital but the buyer was an individual domain investor who I am aware of but am not going to display the individuals personal name.

Hulu registered the domain names HuluBeyond.com/net

Fiserv Solutions, LLC has taken ownership of the domain name OnlineBank.com from Online Resources, which was using AciWorldwide.com email, which is ACI Universal Payments. Doing a bit further research, Fiserv purchased ACI Worldwide’s Community Financial Services business in January 2016.

AlphaLeague.com appears to have been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The law firm Winston & Strawn LLP is shown in whois records. The domain name sold for $3,800 on Sedo in October 2016.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, INC. registered two wine related domain names and those include MarthaStewartWineCo.com and MarthaStewartWineCompany.com

Velcro USA Inc. registered several “Press Lok” bag and closure domain names. They have owned PressLok.com since 2010 but the domain doesn’t resolve? The company did a press release in Dec 2015 introducing Press-lok and used a sub-page url string of: please visit: http://www.velcro.com/press-lok.  Why not just PressLok.com, and redirect that domain TO the longer URL?

Corelight, Inc. has acquired its EMD Corelight.com with the help of domain buy service Marksmen. Corelight was using Corelight.io prior to the domain name upgrade and was rebranded from Broala prior to that. Wise move.

Telepathy, Inc. acquired 25, three letter .com domains from Anything.com, Ltd. Some of those included LFT.com, NYJ.com, NYY.com, DNT.com, LLR.com, NNC.com and WMN.com

Atlantic Media Incorporated has acquired the domain name CityBridge.org, which was registered about 1 year ago for an undisclosed amount.

LF, LLC (Lowes Home Improvement) has acquired TheMine.com from Tucows. The domain name was part of the MailBank domain name portfolio they own. The domain was parked with Uniregistry and held the message “Click here to buy TheMine.com for your website name!”

Pfizer Inc. with the help of Marksmen acquired the domain name FloStat.com

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