Welcome! Domain Movers focuses on corporate related domain name transactions and reports these early findings to you. These are often new brands, products, services and more.

Here is a very small sampling of the recent detection’s by DotWeekly:

Dutch Trading BV has acquired RoyalMen.com at domain name aftermarket service Afternic.com for an undisclosed amount.

SwapKids has acquired Copilots.com from Name Administration Inc. The domain name held a buy now of $33,800 at the time of the transaction but the exact sales price is unknown. The domain name is currently redirecting to Copilots.family for the Denmark based service.

Transunion, LLC has acquired BackgroundNow.com from BuyDomains for an undisclosed amount. Transunion owns about 240 domain names currently.

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated has acquired VirtualVisits.com out of GoDaddy’s NameFind domain name portfolio. It appears the transaction took place around November 2, 2017 according to whois history records. UHC owns over 6,000 domain names. Although I wasn’t able to find a sales price on this domain, I’d assume it was likely a five figure transaction.

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. has acquired LittleBigThings.com with the help of CSC Corporate Domains. The domain name has been registered since 2008 and will join the other 1,500+ domains owned by Sunovion currently.

WebMD, LLC has moved HLTH.com out of MarkMonitor over to GoDaddy.com. Whois retained WebMD as the owners, so it is not clear for the reason of the transfer at this time. Sold, portfolio movement and more are potentials.

Intersect.com expired, which was owned by Intersect PTP, Inc. who later changed its name to WideAngle Technologies and was founded by Peter Rinearson, who also founded Alki Software Corp. Why do companies just allow a valuable domain asset like this to expire? The email address is the same used for all the companies domains, which ties back to Alki. I wouldn’t think this was an oversight but I reached out, just out of curiosity as to the “why” and asked Peter. I haven’t heard back yet at time of posting. The auction ends today (1/9/2018) with current bidding over $20K and the domain name can no longer be renewed due to GoDaddy’s new 30 days past expiration renewal time frame.

Capacity.com, which was similar to the above. The domain was owned by Global Capacity (which uses GlobalCapacity.com for its main domain) but was an expired auction at GoDaddy. Global Capacity was acquired by GTT in September 2017 and in this case, the email address listed for the domain name was not being monitored due to the recent sale and I’d assume the credit card on file for any auto-renew would have changed. Luckily for GTT, they renewed the domain name on the 29th day of expiration and the expired auction was removed and they kept the domain.

Spun.com has been acquired by Silicon Innovations, Inc. which is owned by Sammy Capuano, who is listed in whois records. The domain name was acquired at Sedo and currently wasn’t able to find a sales price. This is a great domain name and I’d expect the sales price to reflect that. The domain has been registered since 1998 and has been under whois privacy for many years. Prior to privacy, the domain was owned by Steven Grundy of Spun.com, Inc. of Pasadena, CA. The domain resolved to a page stating that Spun.com partnered with FYE.com and was no longer selling products on Spun.

Easyloop GmbH has acquired its EMD EasyLoop.com from Name Administration Inc. for an undisclosed amount. With common pricing with NAI, I’d say the price was likely low five figures.

PersonalTransportation.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The transaction took place at Afternic.

Warner Music Inc. has acquired SomeMusic.com for its past owner, with the help of CSC Corporate Domains. The transaction took place back in October 2017, with Warner appearing in whois now.

Amazon continues to register domain names related to Alexa. This time with a focus on Alexa in the car. AlexaOnboard.com, AlexaAutos.com, AlexaCarSystems.com, AlexaHybridEngine.com and more. There were also a couple computer related with AlexaForComputers.com and AlexaForPC.com. Since Amazon does own Alexa.com, will they ever rebrand the current service they have on it and solely focus on the personal assistant with Alexa.com?

I have the Echo and Dot and can’t say that I like it that much. “I don’t know that” often is the voice I hear, when asked pretty basic things. It often plays the wrong song etc, but the timer works well! I put about 10% faith in it, so I wouldn’t trust the device much more than just sitting on a table with little responsibility.

Novartis AG has acquired IAmJane.com from its past owners for an undisclosed price.

Bayer AG has acquired Invora.com from HugeDomains for $1,895

Specifi.com has been suspended by Network Solutions and is resolving a whois verification page. The domain name is owned by Citizens Financial Group Inc. The domain name is registered until March 18, 2019 at NSI and appears to have valid whois data as far as I can see. Citizens owns over 600 domain names, the majority with MarkMonitor and I’d expect this one to transfer to MM after this situation.

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Jamie Zoch is a domain investor, dad and dedicated husband who founded DotWeekly.com in 2008 to bring unique and helpful views on domain names. Jamie is very passionate about domain names and helping others learn and prosper.

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  1. Suresh Raghavan - DNProperty.com January 9, 2018 at 6:29 am Reply

    Thanks Jamie, a lot of great info in there. Very valuable

  2. Hello Jamie,

    The Google/Godaddy Duopoly is destroying, Online Business Expansion in the U.S. JAS

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Intelligence Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )http://www.UseBiz.com

  3. Hello Jamie,

    Anyone who swallows the (Organized Crime Crypto Kool-Aid) , will become a part of the Collateral Damage crowd. JAS
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Intelligence Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )http://www.UseBiz.com

  4. Another nice dig Jamie.
    Thank you.

  5. Jamie, your Domain Movers series are the best articles in all the domaining blogs imo, please keep up the good work.
    Intersect.com just closed for $30,000, a steal for the winner imo.
    Thats definitely a mid to high 6 figures name to an enduser.


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