Welcome to the latest Domain Movers series on DotWeekly where we keep track of corporate domain name transactions and report them to you. This puts a pulse on corporate domain name activity and highlights new brands, new advertising efforts and more by some of the largest companies in the world.

Not many “huge” domains in today’s list but still active:

AARP has acquired the domain name RealPad.org which had an offering price of $1,399 US.

Applied Motion Products appears to have acquired its EMD AppliedMotion.com. The domain has long been shown in whois records as owned by McCormick Paulding & Huber, LLP (ip-lawyers.com) at MarkMonitor and the domain has since transferred to Network Solutions and now showing Applied Motion Products as the owners which uses Applied-Motion.com.

Daniel J. Edelman, Inc. registered the recently expired domain name AreYouTheFuture.com adding to nearly 1,000 other domain names they own.

Whirlpool Properties, Inc.  acquired Swash.net from HugeDomains actually back in June 2013 but just revealed they were the buyers coming off of generic whois data. They also acquired Swash.com with the help of Marksmen Inc. around March 2013 but were displayed in whois since around that time. They moved a bunch of related domains like Swashit.com, SwashOnHigh.com, GetSwashed.com, SwashAndGo.com, Swashathon.com but these do not resolve. Swash is a 10-minute clothing care system from Whirlpool / P&G and currently cost $299.

Target Brands Inc. offers a popular savings app called Cartwheel and they actually acquired the EMD with the help of The Treadstone Group in August 2012 and purchased the domain name Cartwheel.com from Alex Lerman. The .biz domain name recently expired and they registered that domain as well. The .net is for sale for $1,188 and owned by BuyDomains.

Cartwheel.com redirects to the sub-domain cartwheel.target.com which indicates users have saved $793,241,885 and counting!

Johnson & Johnson has acquired the domain name Trinza.com from Net Exclusive LLC for an undisclosed amount.

Merck KGaA registered the domain name ThyroidAware.com adding to the 7,770 domains they already own.

GoDaddy has sold its first set of domains from its new domain name portfolio purchase of Traffic Names LTD, and it was a lot of LNN .com domain names. It appears to be about 50 moved in one day and about another 20 the next, likely being all 70 from the new portfolio . A couple of the domains are H96.com, M53.com, T39.com, G26.com and F72.com for an example.

Xorus.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client due to generic whois data from BuyDomains. Since Abbvie registered the .net on June 22, 2016, they are the likely buyers. Abbvie also filed a trademark for Xorus in September 2016 which also backs up that they are the likely buyers of the domain.

BigFightLive.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain has been registered since May 2012. PureSafeBeneficial.com has also been acquired, this one from HugeDomains and had an offering price of $1,995. Arbonne is a potential buyer of PureSafeBeneficial.com as it’s a tagline they use. ITV is a potential buyer of BigFightLive.com  as they are bringing back a boxing program with the name which was announced on December 14, 2016.

Both domains were acquired via Afternic, so if you are not using Afternic DLS, I’d advise you to be sure your domains are listed with them!

Charter registered several “Fair Deal” domain names with 3 different brand names: CharterFairDeal.com/net , SpectrumFairDeal.com/net and TurnerFairDeal.com/net

Apple Inc. takes control of FaceShift.com after acquiring the company in November 2015. The domain name no longer resolves.

Embedded.com went on the move after United Business Media LLC divested its electronics media portfolio to Arrow Electronics in a deal that took place in June 2016 for $23.5M. According to the release, Datasheets.com was also part of the deal and potentially a few more domain names to go along with the business.

Snaplytics acquired its EMD Snaplytics.com at domain name aftermarket service Sedo.

OpenCellular.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client and was caught on the drop by DropCatch in February 2015.

CREViS has acquired its .com EMD from Telepathy, Inc. Crevis.com for an undisclosed amount. They currently use CrevisKonzept.de for there main domain name.

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