Not a huge list of Domain Movers today, but some important ones for several companies! has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client from BuyDomains. The domain name held a $2,488 buy now price.

Telepathy, Inc. has sold the domain name for an undisclosed amount to TTS, Lda. The domain name has been registered since 1991 and the sale may have taken place back in late 2013 when domain name servers changed and may have been “payments” made since or simply whois information held Telepathy this long. Either way, it sold.

ConAgra Foods, Inc. added to its domain name portfolio of over 1,700+ domain names with

Philip Morris Products S.A. added to its domain name portfolio of 1,340 domain names by registering & which GoDaddy sold pretty recently, have both went under whois privacy now. There is potential that both domains sold again, along with

Cisco Technology Inc. has sold the domain name into the Chinese market, with the buyer shown as Cifu Chen with an email address of

Groupe Mimran were the Marksmen clients who acquired 2 letter domain name has been acquired by Ubiome prior to announcing microbiome screening test SmartGut. This is how it is suppose to work folks! Wise purchase by Ubiome! Allows to protect its branded product, easier advertising and provides them options! Currently, whois data is showing Co-Founder/ CTO Zachary Apte. The only bad thing, the domain does not redirect to the SmartGut page on Ubiome as it should! It simply resolves to a blank white page but that is likely to change.

Ubiome filed for the SmartGut trademark on September 19, 2016 and appear to have acquired around October 2, 2016, prior to announcing SmartGut on November 1, 2016 along with $22 Million in new funding.

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