Welcome to Domain Movers! DotWeekly keeps track of corporate domain name transactions and reports the early findings to you. These are often early indications to new brands, products, services, advertising efforts and more.

Here is a very small sample of movements detected over the past 24 hours:

Amazon Technologies, Inc. has taken ownership of AmazonVehicle.com via a UDRP. The domain has been registered since 2012 and registered at eNom prior. The UDRP was filed in October 2016.

BeyondGame.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was for sale and parked with ParkingCrew.

CentraCare Health has acquired LifestyleHealth.com from its past owners for an undisclosed amount.

MFRM, Inc. has acquired Tulo.com, which was for sale using the Uniregistry system. MFRM is a family of brands, but one of those brands is Mattress Firm. I would expect this domain to be either a new brand name or new product line. Likely mid five figure sale but could have went into six figures.

BreathingSupport.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was acquired at Sedo.

Precision Tactical Optics has acquired PrecisionOptics.com also at Sedo.

UnsuranceDirect.com has been acquired by CSC Corporate Domains for a currently unknown client.

SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner AG have acquired CrystalBridge.net at Afternic. The domain held a $729 offering price and was registered in 2016.

It appears that CrystalBridge.com is also currently in Afternic Escrow, so there is potential that they purchased both domains. The .com holds potential to be in the five figures.

Mozilla Corporation registered FirefoxMetrics.com and MozillaMetrics.com adding to the 900+ other domain names they own.

Popular, Inc. has acquired EBLoans.com. It appears the law firm of Cozen O’Connor assisted in some fashion.

MovationPlatforms.com, MovationSolutions.com, MovationTechnologies.com, MovationTelematics.com were all registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client.

Slimware Utilities Holdings, Inc. has acquired Slimware.com. The domain name was under privacy at GoDaddy prior and has been registered since 2005. The company currently uses SlimwareUtilities.com, so this would be a nice domain upgrade for them and less restricting as a brand name.

Tesla has registered two new domain names and those were TeslaBridge.com and TeslaBridgeApp.com. Tesla owns about 850 domain names and these two may be for internal use of a current service they are using, which is actually tesla.bridgeapp.com (GetBridge.com), which then redirects to a specific page on Okta.com for Tesla Motors for “Tesla Academy” and “Instructure Bridge”

Netflix, Inc. registered the domain name TheKeepersGroup.com, adding to the 800+ domains they currently own.

Verizon Trademark Services LLC registered VerizonLifeMedia.com adding the the 7,500+ domains they currently own.

American International Group, Inc. has acquired CyberEdge.com, a domain name that has been registered since April 1995 and was in use prior. AIG offers a service called CyberEdge.

Manpower Group Inc. has acquired EasyInternational.com, a domain name that was owned by BuyDomains.com prior and has been registered since 2009. It does appear Manpower used IP lawyers IPHogran to assist with acquiring the domain name.

RockLoans Marketplace, LLC has acquired RocketCard.com from BuyDomains. They have also registered several other TLD’s now.

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