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Here is the latest sampling of some recent movements detected by DotWeekly:

Deutsche Post AG has acquired MySupplyChain.com adding to the 9,000+ other domain names already owned by the company.

NinjaExpress.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain name has been registered since 2013 and was owned by BuyDomains prior. It appears the sales price was $2,500.

SportsWarehouse.com has moved into Escrow via Escrow.com. The domain had expired/dropped and was grabbed on the drop December 7, 2017 via Dropcatch.com and sold at that time for $6,766.

Rasa.com has also moved into Escrow.com. The domain name was for sale and held an offering price of $50,000 as of 5/20/2016 according to the landing page that was on the domain. The sales price is unknown, as are the buyers currently.

Bass Pro Outdoors Online, LLC has acquired WondersOfWildlife.com with the help of domain buyer brokerage service Marksmen for an undisclosed amount. The domain has been registered since 2006.

EmpoweredFitness.com has also been acquired by Marksmen for a currently unknown client. The domain was owned by Mike Mann’s DomainMarket.com and held a $5,000 offering price in 2016 but that likely went up, although the sales price is unknown.

Unforgettable Travel Company Ltd. has acquired UnforgettableCruises.com for an undisclosed amount at Sedo.

FlyFarm International Ltd. has acquired FlyFeed.com with the help of Com Laude. FlyFarm is a agri-tech startup based in Hong Kong and uses FlyFarm.com as its main domain name.

Slade.com has been sold at Afternic. The domain name was listed on Afternic with a Buy Now of $25,000. Buyers are currently unknown but nameservers did change to Irish & European web hosting service Blacknight.com.

Rexy.com has been sold by Name Administration Inc. to a currently unknown buyer. The domain held an offering price of $23,400 and the buyer appears to be using a payment plan to complete the purchase.

Coconut Island Software, Inc. has acquired EcoCleaning.com, which held a buy now price of $50,700 also from Name Administration Inc. The domain name is redirecting to SLOCleaning.com for a company called San Luis Obispo County Eco Cleaning.

Earther.com was acquired by an unknown CSC Corporate Domains client back in August 2017 and appears to have been acquired by Univision Interactive Media, Inc. as the domain is now resolving and displaying cross promotion of other websites like Deadspin, Lifehacker and The Onion.

CIT Group Inc. allowed INMC.com to expire and the domain name dropped and was grabbed by DropCatch.com. The domain had been registered since 1995 prior and owned by Independent National Mortgage Corp / IndyMac Bank / OneWest Bank / CIT Bank. The expired/dropped auction has over 2 days left in auction with the current high bid of $386.

Bottomline Technologies has acquired Paymnts.com from GoDaddy’s NameFind division and then registered PaymntResource.com and PaymntTrends.com. It doesn’t appear they have acquired Paymnt.com at this time but it does appear the domain is for sale. Bottomline, I don’t like “Paymnt” because it’s really a typo of Payment. Even if they “brand around” Paymnt, they currently do not own Paymnt.com based on current whois records and it still “sounds like” Payments.com, which they do not own and is owned by another payment provider who owns Payment.com and Payments.com. Bottomline offers business payment solutions.

MGA Entertainment, Inc. registered ToyPitch.com, ToyPitch.co, ToyPitch.biz and ToyPitch.info

Otometrics A/S has either sold Madsen.com or is selling it. The domain was registered at CSC Corporate Domains and it has since transferred to Uniregistry under privacy and is listed for sale. Inventor Peter Madsen was charged Tuesday (1/16/2018) with killing Swedish journalist Kim Wall. Peter Madsen dominates search in relation to Madsen, which may put a black eye on the domain a bit. Since the domain is a surname, others use it for branding as well, like MadsenCycles.com for an example who’s logo is simply MADSEN.

AbbVie Inc. has acquired TauTalks.com from its past owner, with the help of Big Horn Consultants. The domain has been registered since 2015.

The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. registered the domain name WhistleblowerServices.com, adding to the 1,000+ other domain names owned by the company.

Supernatural.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain sold for $215,888, which was sold by Above.com brokerage services according to DomainInvesting.com’s article reporting on the sale.

When I see sales like this, with the buyers being unknown, the first thing I do is search for newer trademarks, and a potential buyer would be Warner Bros Entertainment Inc., which filed a TM in July 2017, for Supernatural. Warner Bros does have a TM on Supernatural dating back to 2006.

Warner Bros. may point to be the buyers, but they are MarkMonitor clients in general. Of the 20,000+ domains they own, almost all are with MarkMonitor and only about 3 that I could find with CSC, TheLegoMovie.com, The-Lego-Movie.com and TheLego-Movie.com

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