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Here we go:

NBCUniversal Media, LLC which I recently mentioned acquired MinionRush.com has put the domain to use already on a stand alone website that is live.

Disney registered 5 new domain names, which included: ConspiraciesProven.com, FlyingHeroHigh.com, VictoriaAlberts.com, Victoria-And-Albert.com and Victoria-And-Alberts.com

PetitePlanet.com has very likely been acquired by Johnson & Johnson for $3,000. The domain was owned by BuyDomains.com and  moved into whois privacy in early March 2017 after selling. J&J has just registered PetitePlanet.net/.info/.biz domains.

Sites.com has moved out of generic whois data at MarkMonitor to reveal Microsoft Corporation. Whois records have displayed DNStination Inc. since 2010 timeframe and Marksmen prior to that. The domain name is now redirecting to a Intranet and Team Sites page on Office.com to creat a connected workplace.

Scence.com has been acquired by Marksmen for a currently unknown client. The domain was listed for sale on Uniregistry.

AR.com & QC.com both moved out of Afternic Escrow already (day after selling) and under whois privacy at GoDaddy. I think this confirms that both domains were acquired by the same party.

CaddyCentral.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain held a $2,495 offering price and has been registered since early 2015.

Glories.com has been acquired out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio, also by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. This was likely a five figure transaction but the sales price is unknown.

ABC/Disney registered the domain name WeAreGMA.com, which is some what funny because James Booth of BQDN.com owns GMA.com and ABC didn’t hold any interest in purchasing the domain name when I spoke with them. No negotiation took place and a mistake on ABC’s part IMO.

Kimberly Clark registered four new domain names and those include: ChooseScottTowels.com, CommitToScottTowels.com, DemandScottTowels.com and Disgusting-Truth.com. The company owns about 1,400 domain names in total (one of which is ScottTowels.com to note).

The Group of Analysts AG has acquired Tgoa.com at domain name aftermarket service Sedo for $9,275. The company currently uses Tgoa.de

Tough Mudder LLC has acquired WillDean.com also at Sedo, for an undisclosed amount. Will Dean is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tough Mudder. They also acquired ItTakesATribe.com at Sedo. To note, since DotWeekly focuses on corporate domain transaction, I wouldn’t normally include the following but it’s fitting. AndyBass.com, CraigPatrick.com and StewartFord.com all sold at Afternic.com on the same day, highlighting personal name domains are important and selling in the aftermarket.

Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, owners of the All laundry brand registered AllStainLifter.com adding to the 3,000+ domain names they own.

IGT has changed ownership in whois for DoubleDown.com to Double Down Interactive, LLC. IGT acquired DoubleDown Interactive and its popular game DoubleDown Casino. IGT acquired DoubleDown.com in 2012 according to whois history records from Pump It Up Ventures. IGT acquired DoubleDown Interactive in January 2012 for $500 million.

Doing a bit more research, IGT has sold Double Down Interactive to DoubleU Games for $825 million and the reason for the whois change.

Crunchase naming trends is an article worth your time to read. The article breaks down startup naming of 1,000 startups that have at least $200K in funding and the common trends seen. The article doesn’t display each domain name used but you can see those if you research the links provided. I would bet less than half own EMD .com’s. (just a guess)

Aopc.com has been acquired by Aopc Interactive GmbH out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. Similar domains in its portfolio are listed for around low five figures to note. The company currently uses Aopc.de

AHG Entertainment has acquired SportNation.com from Telepathy Inc. for an undisclosed amount.

Roz.com has moved into Escrow.com, along with MassageParlors.com and LevelRealty.com

Cars.com didn’t directly sell, but the company (TEGNA) that owns it is doing a spin off and has had the domain name valued at $872,320,000 million. That is the valuation number listed in the SEC filings for the intangible asset. This valuation was done by several sources, including Ernst & Young.

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  1. DoubleU Games does NOT own DoubleU.com or WGames.com. They use DoubleUGames.com. It’s hard to think of a more confusing brand name than DoubleU.

  2. Hi Jamie, It’s BQDN.com 😀 Thanks for the mention though.

  3. Thanx for the link to the Crunch Domains article! Two domains which stood out use Anguilla’s ccTLD, dot ai:


    It’s interesting dot ai may come popular, as it refers to Artificial Intelligence. Maybe a new star ccTLD is born, in the tradition of .io!


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