Welcome to another installment in the Domain Movers series, where DotWeekly focuses on corporate domain name transactions and reports recent activity that we discover.

Here are the latest movements:

Microsoft Corporation registered several new AI domain names, which included: AiForEarth.com/net/org and MicrosoftAiForEarth.com/net/org

Loot Crate Inc. registered a bunch of domain names, some of its first domains actually! They are a monthly subscription box service offering geek/gaming goods founded in 2012.

They registered several typos and a bunch of BrandName+Keyword domains like: LootTime.com,  LootFlex.com, LootPlayer.com, LootRocks.com, LooterPlay.com, LooterProfile.com, LootCorp.net/org and more. Although they appear to focus on “loot” and “looter”, they do not own the EMD’s of either! They should focus on LootCrate more and not brand as something they are NOT… Loot.com!

DryEyes.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client, as well as DryEyeTreatment.com. Hundreds of Dry Eye related domain names over the past month or more have been registered at MarkMonitor and almost all were by Allergan Inc. Allergan already owns the singular domain DryEye.com (uses it as a redirect to MyDryEyes.com), so the plural makes a lot of sense for them if they are the buyers.

Sentara Healthcare has acquired the domain name HeartAgeCheck.com for an undisclosed amount.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc. has acquired LightTV.com from a Chinese domain investor. It appears the domain held a $150,000 RMB offering price based on a landing page that was on the domain. Conversion to USD is about $22,189.

Sullivan & Cromwell LLP has acquired Wilmore.com from Tucows RealName/Mailbank portfolio. The domain actually sold around May 2016 but moved to Dynadot under privacy (MarkMonitor does this from time to time to hide the domain). It is currently unknown if the domain was acquired on behalf of a client or for the firm itself.

TheTileApp.com requested Marksmen’s domain name buying services and acquired SmartLocation.com TheTileApp.com is better known for its GPS tracking device TILE. DigiMedia.com, L.P. owns the premium domain name Tile.com.

QuarterSpot, Inc. has acquired the premium domain name Laso.com, for a potential rebrand? The company offers small business loans. To back up my rebrand potential thought, QuarterSpot filed a trademark on September 28, 2016 for Laso for “Providing temporary use of non-downloadable computer software for use in managing the workflow of financial lending services”. Laso, as a brand name, appears to play off the proper spelling of Lasso. The sales price is unknown but the transaction was handled via Escrow.com.

Dex One Service, Inc. (Dex Media) has sold the domain name RHD.com to a Chinese investor.

YoureCare.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain moved from whois privacy at Network Solutions and has been registered since 2004.

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