Welcome to Domain Movers, where DotWeekly keeps track of corporate domain name transactions and reports the early findings to you. I haven’t been able to focus on this as much lately due to other things I’m doing, so we will see how often these reports are offered. In general, activity has been low on bigger names though the past week, but there are a few bigger names in today’s list.

Here are some latest movers:

VPN.com has moved into Escrow via Escrow.com. The domain was owned by Miaoli Consulting prior and the buyers are currently unknown due to it being early in the transaction.

Supplement.com has been sold by Telepathy, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. The buyer is also currently unknown due to whois privacy but was loaded on the DNS SuperOnlineCorporate.com.

Paypal Inc. registered the domain names PaypalWire.com/.net and Paypal-Wire.com/.net

TruFriends.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain has long been under whois privacy at GoDaddy and has been registered since 2008.

easyGroup IP Licensing Ltd. appears to be pivoting with a domain name they already own, EasyMoney.com. The domain was used on a website for the company offering “daily deals” but now has a coming soon page for peer to peer lending.

Verizon Trademark Services LLC has acquired InstantInternet.com out of GoDaddy’s NameFind domain name portfolio. The domain has been registered since 1999 and was part of the Marchex portfolio.

The Topps Company, Inc. registered several “Juicy Drop” gum and gummy domain names, including JuicyDropGum.com. They also already own JuicyDrop.com, which was registered in 2011.

SPD Domain Names Inc. (Sony) registered several “Smurf’s” related domain names and those were PlaySmurfs.com, SmurfsBubble.com and SmurfsPop.com

ArtPod.com has been acquired by a currently unknown Safenames client. The domain had a $3,500 offering price and has been registered since 1999.

iQuality.com has been acquired by iQuality Business Solutions BV based in the Netherlands. They currently use iQuality.nl. The domain had an offering price of $29,999 and was a wise investment for them to open up to a global audience with the .com

Pfizer Inc. has acquired GetScience.com with the help of Marksmen. The domain has been registered since 2005 and was acquired from BuyDomains for $3,388, making the job of Marksmen easy peasy! The website is already live.

Remote.com has been sold, with the transaction taking place at Escrow.com. The buyer appears to be a new startup in the job field and the website is not functional yet but looking for early users.

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