Welcome, this is Domain Movers! We track corporate domain name transaction and report the early findings to you. These often are early indicators of new brands, future advertising campaigns, domain name upgrades and more.

Here are the latest movers over the past 24 hours:

Freemove Alliance has acquired SalesShare.com from BuyDomains. This domain sold in 2011 for $1,788 and was acquired by Experian at that time, but allowed the domain to expire in 2015 when BuyDomains acquired it. I wasn’t able to find a sales price this time around but $2K-$5K is my guess.

Marksmen has assisted a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client acquire FirstNet.com from Sitestar. The domain has been registered since 1994. Marksmen also helped Plenty Inc. acquire Plenty.co, which was listed for sale for $19,800.

P&G registered 3 new domain names and those include: GilletteHandleWithCare.com, GilletteTreo.com and PGConnected.com. This adds to about 7,400 other domain names the company currently owns.

Chargepay BV, Gamma Entertainment has acquired CherryPop.com via domain name aftermarket service Afternic.com. The domain was owned by GoDaddy’s NameFind division.

Dow Jones & Company, Inc. has registered AdvancingWithInsight.com and OpenIntelligencePlatform.com adding to the nearly 3,000 other domain names they own.

PNK.com has potentially changed ownership. The domain name was owned by a company called Journyx and registered at Network Solutions. PNK.com has transferred to corporate provider SafeNames LTD under whois privacy and the domain name no longer resolves. A buyer would likely be Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. if the domain did change ownership! Pinnacle uses PNKinc.com and its ticker symbol is also PNK on NASDAQ, and they use SafeNames. I reached out to Curt, the CEO of Journyx for comment but have not heard back at time of publication.

Future Works LLC has acquired 404Page.com at domain aftermarket service Sedo. The domain had expired in 2014 and was secured by DomCollect (Sedo’s own portfolio), then whois showed SnapNames, then went under privacy protection. The domain comes out of privacy protection in late November 2016 under New Ventures Services, Corp (Network Solutions warehousing arm) and now sold.

UMGD (uMusic.com) has acquired Diggster.com with the help of Marksmen.

AFLAC registered a bunch of Cancer Insurance domain names, like AflacCancer.com, AflaCancer.com, AflacCancerInsurance.com and many defensive domains like: DontTrustAflac.com, AflacFraud.com, AflacScam.com and AflacRipoff.com

Lennox International Inc. registered a bunch of similar domains with HeatUp + State. HeatUpKansas.com, HeatUpMichigan.com etc. Lennox offers residential and commercial heating and cooling products. They do not own HeatUp.com.

Peaks.com appears to have been acquired by Cooperatieve Rabobank U.A., which appears to have taken place at the start of 2017 according to whois records. A new investing startup and app called Peaks, which Rabobank is an investor is using Peaks.nl and the likely reason for the purchase.

WatchThis.com has been sold for $30,000 as reported by George Kirikos via his Twitter page, which George found in a SEC filing. The buyers were Looking Glass/Render Media according to whois records.

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4 Responses to Domain Movers: PNK.com, Peaks.com + More
  1. Thanks for the post Jamie.

    Why do companies hire Marksmen and their likes to help them buy domain names already with BIN? I have seen this over and over again in your domain movers reports.

    • Most do not understand the domain business, the aftermarket places available, whois etc. It’s simply not there business and feel more secure, save more money etc using a professional service that deals with domain names every day.

    • Literally, some company executive tells some underling, “Go ask Marksmen to buy ____.com for us.” Then, if the underling and Marksmen get anxious about the super-high BIN price, they may go back to the executive and say, “Uh, the asking price is $3.5 million”, to which the executive says, “Shit! OK, forget it. We’ll use something else.” But, if the BIN price is only $X,XXX to low $XX,XXX, the underling and Marksmen may just grab the domain name at the BIN price. Only for super-strategic reasons would the company executive go for the $3.5 million price. It’s a right place, right time kind of transaction when it comes to those.

  2. Exact Match Domains are strong and many.
    Plenty of k’words – not all is lost t brandables, as some would like us to believe…


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