Welcome! This is Domain Movers, where DotWeekly researches for domain names on the move that are related to corporate domain name transactions and reports the early findings to you. This is a very, very, very small sampling of domain names changing ownership or being registered by companies around the world.

Here are the latest domain movers:

Hinkley.com has moved into privacy protection and has transferred to GoDaddy from Tucows. The domain was owned by Tucows prior and likely has sold.

Slack Technologies, Inc. moved its main domain name Slack.com over to brand protection service MarkMonitor from domain registrar GANDI SAS. Slack Technologies was once called Tiny Speck, and acquired the Slack.com domain name about April 30, 2013 based on whois history records from a David DiGiacomo from Bozeman, Montana.

Virgin Enterprises Limited has acquired VirginWay.com. The domain was registered on July 4, 2016. Virgin acquired the domain name via Sedo domain name aftermarket service for a currently undisclosed amount.

MyMoneyBank.com was been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain has been registered since 1999 and was registered at Register.com prior. The domain transaction was handled by Afternic.

PartySupplies.com has moved into escrow via Escrow.com. The domain has been registered since October 1998.

RxAlliance.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain had an offering price of $2,346 and has been registered since 2004.

Sweetwater Sound, Inc. registered the domain name Surack.com, adding to the small domain portfolio of about 100 domain names they own.

Walgreens has resecured Walgreens.org. The 1999 registered domain name was owned by the drug store chain prior at Network Solutions and was registered out until February 4, 2018 according to whois records dating back to 2015 already, but on or about February 6, 2016 the domain moved to PendingRenewalOrDeletion name servers and was scheduled for “resale”.

Since whois records indicate the domain was renewed in 2015 until 2018, I see zero reason for the above taking place. Walgreens did the wise thing and transferred the domain OUT of Network Solutions and over to brand protection service CSC Corporate Domains. This isn’t the first time something odd like this has happened with a domain name registered at Network Solutions.

Bloomberg L.P. has acquired the domain name ClimateChanged.com from HugeDomains. The transaction appears to have taken place back on November 11, 2016 time frame when the domain went into privacy protection, but has now come out with the buyers info as Bloomberg.

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has acquired KidsView.com. The domain has been registered since 2000 and was owned by Garry Chernoff with Netincome Ventures Inc. and listed on the Uniregistry system.

Orlo.com has been sold by GoDaddy, out of its NameFind portfolio. The domain had a $15,000 offering price and is a great brand name. The domain was purchased by an individual, Jeffrey Shinensky of Maryland according to whois records.

RTG Ilkley Limited, owners of RoomToGrow.co.uk have secured the EMD .com domain name RoomToGrow.com, also out of the NameFind portfolio. The website offers children’s furniture.

Gambull Ltd. has purchased Blogs.us, also out of the NameFind portfolio. The coming soon page states: “Blogs.us is the new innovative bloggers network and creative digital writing studio.”

Telepathy Inc. has sold Currant.com to a currently unknown buyer. Currant is a small dried fruit. The transaction was handled by Escrow.com.

James Booth of BQDN.com is reporting on his Facebook page that TSD.com has been sold to an end user, 24 hours after he acquired the domain. James had an offering price of $80,000 on the domain.

FF.com sold for $1,400,000 with the purchase price coming out in a legal filing by one of the brokers of the domain, who did not get the $210,000 sale commission. Based on what I can tell, the Buyer Broker, Domains Cable is the one who filed suit and they claim Faraday Future, the buyer, “went around the broker” and purchased the domain. Bank Of America was the seller. Here is the story on TheDomains.com and the original story on Jalopnik.com The Jalopnik story goes into heavy details of the transaction and “deal making” with offering prices etc.

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