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I have been focusing on some other things lately, so I haven’t been posting these as much, nor putting in as much research time as I was prior. I’d expect this to continue. The following is about 3 days worth of data I just had sitting on my computer and thought I’d share.

MyTurbo.com has been acquired by corporate domain buying Marksmen from NameMedia, Inc. for a currently unknown buyer. The transaction was handled via Afternic.

Intuit Inc. registered the domain name TurboSucks.com, which may give indication as to who the potential buyer of MyTurbo.com?

Jazz Pharmaceuticals has acquired Sunosi.com. The domain has been registered since January 2014.

Univision Interactive Media, Inc. has acquired FusionNews.com. The domain has been registered since April 2004.

ElbeRiver.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client due to generic whois data. This domain is in-line and fitting to be purchased by Viking River Cruises, similar to DanubeRiver.com that they recently acquired.

Madsights Inc. has acquired FriskyBeaver.com from Frank Schillings Name Administration Inc. (BVI) Frisky Beaver is a brand of wine and is a domain name upgrade for the company. They were using FriskyBeaverWines.com prior.

Cars.org has changed whois data to generic CSC Corporate Domains information. The domain displayed Online Guru Inc. prior but still redirects to DMV.org as it has for a few years. DMV.org is stated to be owned by Serious Net, Inc. of Irvine, CA according to whois records.

Amazon Technologies Inc. (assumed due to generic whois data) continued registering “Detroit” domain names but this time is using generic whois data. DetroitIsAmazon.com, DetroitIsPrime.com were registered.

Apple Inc. has taken ownership of MusicKit.net. The domain was registered on June 30, 2017 by CSC at a Web.com controlled registrar caught the domain on the drop. Currently, MusicKit.com is not owned by Apple and has been registered since 1998.

Mattress Firm Inc. has moved Sleep.com from Network Solutions to GoDaddy.com. The domain was using public whois but has now switched to privacy. Mattress Firm also owns Mattress.com, which was also moved to GoDaddy is also now under whois privacy. Mattress.com is a website but doesn’t connect it to Mattress Firm in any fashion that I can see. Sleep.com redirects to MattressFirm.com.

CenterOfHope.com has been acquired by Lightview Tech Ltd. at Sedo for an undisclosed price. The domain has been registered since 1998.

Marksmen remained busy buying domain names on behalf of clients. GoToStage.com, JustRX.com, WineRaisin.com and Wine-Raisins.com were all acquired for currently unknown clients.

Skyland Travel Inc. acquired WorldVoyager.com out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio for an undisclosed amount.

Free Radio Alliance (National Association Of Broadcasters) acquired TurnUpTheRadio.com at domain name aftermarket service Afternic.com for an undisclosed amount. This was also a NameFind owned domain.

FinishWorks.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client from Mike Mann’s DomainMarket.com for an undisclosed amount. CSC also acquired LiveLife.net ($2,868) from its past owners.

Apple Inc. registered about 41 domains related to the new iPhones and features. AppleAirPower.com was the best domain registered and most of the remaining all contain hyphens, with brand name + term, like Apple-Animoji.com and Apple-FaceID.com or term + brand name like FaceIDApple.com. Super Retina, True depth were also focused on.

ShoppingCarts.com sold for $12,000 at Sedo in a likely end user transaction. The buyers are currently unknown due to it being early in the transaction.

Mondelez International, Inc. registered several new domain names for a likely upcoming advertising campaign. Those included: BiteToWin.com, ShareYourBite.com, BiteToWinSweeps.com and BiteToWinSweepstakes.com

Miny.com has been acquired out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio and acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. CME Group owns Miny.biz and is a CSC client, so they would be a potential buyer. This was likely a five figure purchase.

ODO.com, which is/was owned by Medium.com has transferred out of CSC Corporate Domains and moved to Amazon’s registrar under privacy and using Amazon dns. The domain is not resolving currently but does hold the potential that it sold and the reason for the transfer. Medium.com remains at CSC and is using CloudFlare to note.

Facebook Inc. registered 6 new domain names and those included FacebookEntertainment.com .net .org and FacebookMediaProductions.com .net .org

Semtech Corporation has acquired Aimmi.com, which has been registered since 2009 and was using Sedo Parking at the time of the sale.

Clinch.com has potentially sold. The domain was owned by Elgin Equipment Group, LLC and registered at CSC Corporate Domains. The domain has since transferred to eNom under whois privacy. The domain is currently redirecting to NameExpert.com, which is owned by Joe Uddeme. The domain is listed for sale on Joe’s site.

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. has acquired Certeos.com at Sedo for an undisclosed price.

Weight Watchers International has acquired the plural domain name WWCruises.com at Sedo to go along with WWCruise.com it acquired not that long ago.

F.W. Wildlife has acquired SnakeTraps.com out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio for an undisclosed price.

Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.V. acquired CarBeat.com at Afternic.com. The domain has been registered since 2004.

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  1. Yeah, this is quite interesting if Amazon has already decided on Detroit as their HQ2 location. It supposed to be announced in 2018.

    Thanks, this is some great info, as usual


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