Here are some domain name movers that I noticed last night and this morning that may interest you in some way. has been purchased by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. The domain name had a for sale lander on it, with a price of $2,910 so that may give an indication as toaround what the sales price was. For any “TV/cable/streaming” network, the domain is a very nice fit and at under $3K is a heck of a deal with the branding that can be done with the domain. The domain name was owned by and the domain transaction took place at according to whois records. was purchased by Kiewit Corporation. The domain was listed for $2,471 based on what I could tell, so that gives us a likely range of where it may have sold at. The domain was registered in 2010 and owned by

Blu e-cigs appears to be making a play on the term “Xpress Kit” and has registered several similar domain names, but according to whois has yet to secure for an example was registered, along with the .net and .org., and were also registered. is owned by and currently has a website on the domain name. was not registered, nor was but those would have been safe registrations as well. appears to have been sold by Website Network LLC around September 26, 2014 and the domain transferred to SafeNames LTD. with the new owner being under privacy protection. The domain name servers were just updated to NS1.OPUS1.COM so the new owners may be getting ready to do something with the domain, which would likely reveal who they are. has been acquired by Chegg Inc. This was more than just a domain name sale. Chegg acquired the data and assets of for $10 million in cash and approximately $1 million in shares of Chegg Common Stock. The transaction took place in October 2014 and the domain just transferred.

Yahoo acquired Flurry Inc. and it’s domain names… and has become a cybersquatter in the process with and going into Yahoo’s ownership… iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. has been hand registered by Kellogg Company. is owned by Verisign Inc, which redirects the domain name to . Would be a nice branding name for a text service. was hand registered by Philip Morris Products S.A.

Microsoft has registered A LOT of domain names after yesterdays announcements of products and services. reported yesterday that Microsoft used Marksmen to purchase for $6,750 via BIN at Sedo. Here are some more domains registered by Microsoft yesterday:,,,,,, (do not own .com, but it’s for sale for $10K via Afternic),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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