Welcome to Domain Movers, an exclusive series on DotWeekly where we track corporate domain name transactions and report them to you. These are often early discoveries and the first time this information is being share. This information is often early insights into new marketing campaigns, new brands, rebrands and more. Enjoy!

Volkswagen of America, Inc. was behind the June 6, 2016 domain name registration of ElectrifyAmerica.com that held generic CSC Corporate Domains whois information prior.

Amazon registered several “Rapids” and “Rapid” app domain names relating to Kindle. AmazonRapidStoryApp.com, AmazonRapidsStoryApp.com, AmazonKindleRapids.com, KindleRapids.com and a few more.

Many defensive domain name registrations related to Ellen Alemany were done. She appears to be the CEO of CIT Group. Domains like EllenAlemanyBlows.com, EllenAlemanySucksAss.com, DontBuyEllenAlemany.com, EllenAlemanyStinks.com and many more.

Guthy-Renker LLC registers the domain name LumPearl.com and also registered they typo cover domain wwwLumiPearl.com. They already own and use LumiPearl.com for a face cream product.

Microsoft Corporation takes ownership of the domain names MonoDroid.com and .net. These domains were owned by Xamarin, which Microsoft acquired in Feb 2016.

Flexslider.com has transferred into MarkMonitor under generic whois data. The domain relates to the Flexslider WordPress slider toolkit by WooThemes. Developer Henry Khachatryan had owned the domain prior. WooThemes is owned by Automattic, which is the parent company of WordPress. Automattic is a MarkMonitor client. A little further digging and WooThemes acquired Flexslider in March 2012.

Nexo.com which was owned by Shutterfly, Inc. has changed registrant organizations to Elstat. Elstat offers a smart cooler product. Nexo.com was listed for sale in late 2015, so it appears that Elstat purchased the domain name. Shutterfly Inc. remains in whois data under the Tech Organization.

Staples, Inc. registered the domain name OshkoshCorpGear.com which is a little odd. Oshkosh Corp is a public company, so maybe they have some kind of partnership?

Xpress Payment Solutions Limited has acquired eCashier.com out of the GoDaddy/NameFind portfolio.

ROBLOX Corporation, the makers of the popular game Roblox has registered RobloxToy.com and ToysRoblox.com. Popular games like Minecraft, Five Night’s At Freddy’s and people who play them, like YouTube stars and more have been pretty popular as of late with action figures, shirts and more.

3121.com and Parkside.com have both been sold and have moved into Escrow.com

Dunkin Brands (Dunkin’ Donuts) registered the domain name DunkinAnytime.com adding to the other 800+ domain names they own. One of the domain names they do NOT own is, Dunkin.com

Facebook Inc. registered the domain names WorkplaceMessenger.com/net/org. They already acquired Messenger.com

Stanley Black and Decker, Inc. has acquired the generic domain name HandVacuums.com from Traffic Names LTD in a transaction that actually took place back in May 2016.

Viacom registered the domain name HelpListen.com, adding to the 10,000 + other domain names they own.

Honeywell International Inc. has sold the domain name Raas.com to a new company Media Options is in the process of launching, Internet Real Estate LTD.

Loot Crate Inc. registered several “Sports Crate” domain names like SportsCrate.net, SportCrate.net and a few more hyphen versions. They currently do not own SportsCrate.com but it is for sale. Loot Crate currently offers geek + gaming gear, so this may indicate an expansion of its offerings.

MeetThePress.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. One would expect this to be NBC as the buyers to go along wit the TV program Meet The Press that is hosted by Chuck Todd. The domain name has been registered since 1997.

NBCUniversal Media, LLC registered the domain name DespicableBox.com, which may relate in some fashion to the Minions and Despicable Me. Universal Pictures distributes the film.

WK.com which is and has been owned by advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy has done the wise move and transferred the domain name out of Network Solutions, over to brand protection service MarkMonitor.

NetTurner Corp. has acquired the domain name VideoOne.com from GoDaddy out of its NameFind portfolio. Since GoDaddy sells about XX domains out of its portfolio daily that contains about 375,000 domain names, some other domains that were purchased include, Alexe.com, BeautyNow.com, BrightMind.com, ThisIsLove.com and Illuminess.com to mention a few.

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