Welcome to Domain Movers, where we focus on corporate domain name transactions and report them to you. Things are slowly picking up after the holidays and today we see a rush on 3 letter .com domains!

Here are the latest domains on the move:

MBC.com has been acquired by MillerCoors LLC for an undisclosed amount. The domain name was owned prior by the law firm Holland & Knight.

WSP.com has been acquired by WSP Global, also for an undisclosed amount. This was owned by Western Single Ply prior to the sale.

Both of the above hold the potential to be six figure domain name sales.

Viacom International Inc. registered the domain name ButtHats.com, adding to the over 10,000 domain names they own. It’s not uncommon for them to register these types of domains that are often used in shows.

Johnson & Johnson has acquired FinelyTuned.com from GoDaddy.com out of the NameFind domain portfolio.

Arrow Electronics, Inc. has taken ownership of EDN.com, which was owned by United Business Media prior. UBM divested its electronics media portfolio and Arrow acquired it for about $23.5 million.

Anything.com, Ltd. has sold RPX.com into the Chinese market.

Referral SaaSquatch has acquired Sassquatch.com with the transaction taking place via Escrow.com. LaunchDeck.com has also moved into Escrow.

Moible game studio Playdots, Inc. registered the domain name WildsGame.com to its small domain portfolio of about 25 domains. The company uses Dots.co as its main domain name, after using WePlayDots.com prior.

Knights.tv has been acquired by the NHL for the new Las Vegas hockey team. The domain has been registered since 2007 and transferred from GoDaddy over to CSC Corporate Domains.

OGX.com has been acquired by Vogue International LLC from TXO.com (Kemp Holdings). The transaction took place in September 2016. (Thanks James Booth for bringing this one to my attention)

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company registered a couple “certain” domain names, DriveCertain.com and GoCertain.net (Certain.com owns GoCertain.com).

Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. have acquired WeAreParents.com from Mike Mann’s DomainMarket.com for $7,000. Mike confirmed this sale on December 19, 2016 via his Facebook page which he mentioned he purchased the domain for $20 on 10/16/16.

Trimark Ltd. has acquired LottoIQ.com at domain name aftermarket service Sedo for a currently unknown amount.

Blucora Inc. has sold the domain name NetBot.com to a Chinese buyer. Media Options is brokering many of Blucora’s domain names.

GoDaddy Expired Domains is now taking in Fastdomain, Inc. expired domain names to Auctions GoDaddy. Not sure this was reported prior or not, so thought I would mention it. Tucows was the first to join.

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6 Responses to Domain Movers: MBC.com, Knights.tv + More
  1. I wonder if LV Golden Knights buy domain KnightsTV.com or at least Knight-TV.com ?

  2. knights.tv sold for 12.5k

  3. Knights.tv was mine since Jun, 2010 and it was priced at $699 since then until I reduced it to $399 on Apr, 2016. It sold in Oct, 2016 for $399.

    Great work from the new owner/seller. Congrats!


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