Welcome to Domain Movers! We keep track of company focused domain name transactions and report these very early findings to you! This very small sampling of domain transactions are for new brands, products, services and more.

Companies around the world are constantly trying improve business, build brands, protect brands etc and this will always relate to a domain name (it should at least). Here is an insiders look at just a few of the recent detection’s by DotWeekly:

H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB were the buyers Afound.com which I mentioned in a September 21, 2017 article on DotWeekly but didn’t know the buyers at that time but I expected it sold. Afound is a new marketplace offering by H&M, which is launching soon.

Better Data Initiative Incorporated has acquired Predict.org, which held a buy now of $10,000 at Afternic but sold for an 80% discount at Sedo for $2,000.

Corporate Filings LLC has acquired NevadaOffices.com adding to the 2,000+ other domain names owned by the company. The domain was owned by BuyDomains prior.

StorageSheds.com has been sold by Name Administration Inc. with the domain transferring to GoDaddy under whois privacy. The domain name held a buy now of $201,500 but the exact sales price is unknown. Currently, I’m not able to detect who the buyer may be. StorageShed.com also has sold and was also owned by NAI. I’d expect both domains were acquired by the same buyer as the singular version also transferred to GoDaddy under whois privacy. Interestingly, StorageShed.com held a buy now of $27,154. I’d say in general, at times, the singular and plural versions are similar priced/valued. One will always be “better” than the other (normally the plural, like in this case as you wouldn’t be just selling 1 storage shed, you would be selling many different kinds of Storage Sheds) but I was surprised to see the huge difference in price. Again, I will note that the prices were the Buy Now price I had seen and are not for sure the sales prices.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has acquired TsHq.com and is redirecting the domain name to Team Sports HQ subdomain on DSG.com which focuses on youth sports gear. Also to note, Dick’s promotes its “Game Changer” app that is used for scoring in baseball on the site. That app uses the premium 2 letter domain name GC.com. Dick’s acquired GameChanger Media in November 2016. GameChanger Media acquired GC.com around April 12, 2014. American Sports Licensing, Inc. (Dick’s Sporting Goods) is a CSC Corporate Domains client and GC.com is at NameCheap, so it would be wise to bring that valuable domain name asset into CSC!

Bell.co appears to have been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client, out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. Whois is a bit odd on this one, because the domain was registered at GoDaddy, then transferred to 1API GmbH registrar and displayed Afternic Escrow coming out of privacy. The current whois, has a mix of MarkMonitor registrant email address and private registration of Admin with NameBrightPrivacy. If it were a MarkMonitor client, it’s more common just to have the domain transfer directly to the MarkMonitor registrar. To note, Bell.com is owned by Verizon, who is a MarkMonitor client.

Amazon Technologies, Inc. has acquired AWSChain.com from its past owner, a Chinese registrant who registered the domain name on February  1, 2017. Amazon appears to have taken ownership on January 11, 2018 according to whois history records.

SmarterCommerce.com has been sold by MarkMonitor. It appears the domain held a buy now of only $750. A new listing price holds a $9,950 buy now by the new owner.

LUIS GmbH has acquired its exact match .com domain name Luis.com out of GoDaddy’s NameFind investment domain name portfolio. Luis has been in the top 100 popular boys names from 1980-2014! In 2016, the name was the 112’s most popular. I would expect this to be a likely six figure transaction. LUIS GmbH is currently using Luis.eu and is based in Germany and is an energy company.

World Report Media Limited has acquired SkinAffair.com from BuyDomains for an undisclosed amount. (likely $2K-$5K)

Name Administration Inc. sold 6 domains to end users. Those included PrintForm.com which was acquired by PrintForm who is currently using PrintFormTech.com, so this was a domain upgrade. The buy now offering price was $31,200. Glowworm.com which held a buy now of $72,800 was acquired by Grace Tang of TheSuperGood.com. Duet.org held a $31,200 buy now and the buyers are currently unknown. Opogo.com which held a $85,800 buy now was acquired by Justyn Randall, Nakatomi.com held a $76,700 buy now and the buyer is unknown and using a payment plan. Vikingo.com was the last one but I wasn’t able to find a price on it, but it was acquired by Codisa which may be a Spanish retailer of sorts? Codisa.co (used in whois) redirects to pdcconsumo.pdc.la

Residio.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client from HugeDomains. The domain name held a buy now of $1,995

UnbiasedBeauty.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client from HugeDomains.com. The domain name held a buy now of $2,095 at the time of the transaction.

StationForNaturalStudies.org which was only registered 36 days ago on December 28, 2017 has acquired a much shorter version, SNS.org out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. I checked some of the 312 other 3 letter .org domain names owned by NameFind and most have a buy now of $24,999 with a minimum offer range of about $16,000 to give you an idea as I couldn’t find an exact sales price.

FC Online Marketing acquired StudioBoss.com also out of the NameFind portfolio. I couldn’t find a sales price but I’d put an educated guess at around $4K-5K.

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