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Here is a small sampling of some of the recent domain movements detected:

Unilever Plc has acquired DessertDelivery.com. The domain name held an offering price of $2,419 and was acquired via Afternic. Unilever has been actively buying domain names in relation and also acquired IceCreamNow.com, IceCreamDelivery.com and registered IceCreamQuick.com within the past month or so.

Pearson Education, Inc. has sold LTG.com. The domain name has transferred out of CSC Corporate Domains and moved to Network Solutions under whois privacy. The domain name is now redirecting to LansingTradeGroup.com, which is owned by Lansing Trade Group, LLC, who were the buyers. This was likely a six figure transaction.

Also to note, Pearson owned/owns the domain name TQ.com which has been unlocked, with an OK status, which may potentially indicate that domain is getting ready to transfer, potentially to a new owner.

The ServiceMaster Company, LLC were the buyers of ShieldService.com that I had mentioned earlier but the buyers were unknown due to generic whois data.

Babs Trading Co. has acquired Snabb.com at domain name aftermarket service Sedo for $2,200 EUR.

The Shade Store, LLC has acquired TheFurnitureStore.com. The domain name held an offering price of $9,500 and was acquired at Afternic.

Google Inc. used DropCatch.com to secure AiExperiments.com. Google recently did the same for ARExperiments.com. Google also acquired YTTV.com

Tesla has registered SuperchargerCameras.com adding to the 800+ other domain names owned by the company. They did not register the singular version SuperchargerCamera.com as that domain remains unregistered. This is likely in relation to cameras at Tesla charging stations.

Telepathy Inc. has sold or leased the domain name Recover.com, with the domain name moving into Domain Holding at Escrow.com. DNHolding is used for payments or a lease. The domain name does not resolve yet, so the potential new owners/users are currently unknown.

MyXR.com has sold at Sedo for $17,000 and a “Augmenting Soon” page has been launched on the domain. XR is often referred to as “Extended Reality”, which includes AR, VR, Mixed, Cinematic etc.

Matrix Health of Australia has acquired Ascending.com out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio.

Spectrum Health System has acquired MedNow.com also out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio.

E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DuPont) has registered the domain names InnovationsToThrive.com and InnovationToThrive.com adding to the 1,900+ other domain names owned by the company.

Xpotiva.com has been acquired by Marksmen for a currently unknown client from its past owners. Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc are the potential clients as they a TM on the term on October 8, 2014.

Carvi El Grupo Dental has acquired its EMD Carvi.com for the second time, at domain name aftermarket service Afternic.com this time. The domain name was owned by Carvi El Grupo Dental and it expired on March 23, 2017. Whois later partially updated showing RegistrarAds, Inc. as the Admin on May 3, 2017. On May 17, 2017 RegistrarAds, Inc. was replaced with BuyDomains.com as the Admin and BuyDomains.com name servers. The domain then moved into Afternic escrow about August 30, 2017.

10or.com has been acquired for a currently unknown client by Comlaude via Afternic. The purchase took place in May 2017. Now, via MarkMonitor, several relating domain names have been registered relating to a phone. Those include, 10-dot-or.com, 10dotor.com, 10or-tenor.com, 10ormobile.com, 10ormobilephone.com, 10orphone.com, 10orsmartphone.com and 10ortenor.com.

Instagram LLC. registered a slew of “Doxagram” new gTLD’s like Doxagram.audio, Doxagram.click, Doxagram.link, Doxagram.xyz, .tattoo, .website, .blackfriday, .gift, .lol, .mom, .pics and many, many others (likely most of them in total). To note, Doxagram.com was registered by “1337 Services LLC” at Tucows on August 28, 2017, which may be a reseller for Tucows? Njal.la. Instagram also registered Doxagram.info, .net, .org, .biz and .us on September 1, 2017. This appears to relate to a “Doxagram Dump” by hackers of 6 million Instagram accounts and personal information on high profile account users as mentioned here. Why Instagram would mainly focus on new gTLD’s, I’m not sure.

Tulip.com which I mentioned had sold, has moved out of Escrow.com and was acquired by suspected buyers, Tulip Retail. Tulip.com is now forwarding to Tulip.io currently and I would expect them to switch over soon. Tulip Retail recent had a $40 million dollar B round of funding.

Dick’s Sporting Goods went on the defensive and registered several “Boycott” domain names relating to its executives. Those were BoycottEdStack.com, BoycottEdwardStack.com, BoycottHollyTyson.com, BoycottHollyTyson.com, BoycottJohnHayes.com, BoycottKeriJones.com, BoycottLeeBelitsky.com and BoycottLaurenHobart.com. They also registered HollyTyson.com and LeeBelitsky.com. They also registered domains like DieEdStack.com and Die+PersonalName of others and personal names ending in “crap”, “stinks”, “sucks” and many more. The remaining personal names are owned by other parties that are not mentioned. Several of these people are in newly announced roles with the company. I always think these registrations are a waste, as people can come up with so many different terms if they want to or use different TLD’s etc. There is really no way to “cover them all”.

Campbell Soup has acquired DinnerSolved.com from its past owner, Suzanne Marshall of Tampa, FL. The domain resolved prior to  SupperSolved.com

FiftyLife.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client due to generic whois data. The domain has been registered since 2010. BGL Group Limited is the potential buyer as they registered FiftyLife.org on June 8, 2017 and are CSC clients.

TheStyleBureau.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain was listed for sale via Afternic for $1,426.

HZ.com appears to have been sold. The domain was owned by Sheng Wang of Chino, California at GoDaddy and is now displaying Yue Daiyue of China, with a PendingTransfer registrar status code.

Dentons US LLP has acquired Dentons.org at domain name aftermarket service Sedo. The company currently owns Dentons.com also.

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3 Responses to Domain Movers: LTG.com, Recover.com + More
  1. Excellent info, thanks

  2. Speaking of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, DuPont has just completed its merger with Dow Chemical to create a $130B conglomerate. (DWDP on the NYSE.)


    However, the dowdupont.com domain appears to be owned by a cybersquatter in China which is offering “D.O.W. Dupont” brand wrist-watches!

    Looks like a clear case of “bad faith” registration involving two famous trademarks, but DuPont or Dow should have acquired this domain in advance.

    The new mega group may be planning to re-organize its combined operations into three new companies, it will be extremely interesting to see how they are named and branded.

  3. They didn’t get doxagram.pro, that has already been registered by someone else and is up for sale according to the site, also doxagram.codes and a few others haven’t been registered as yet!


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