Welcome! This is Domain Movers, a series on DotWeekly where I research domain names on the move, with a focus on the corporate level. These are often early detection’s, so not a lot of information is known at the time. I try to provide as much information as I can dig up though.

Here is a very small sampling of recent detections:

QRTE.com has been acquired by QVC, Inc. from its past owners. The domain was for sale at the time of the purchase but the sales price is unknown.

BoldResume.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client.

Zoho.com has transferred domain name registrars after registrar TierraNet (DomainDiscover) took down the companies domain name. The transfer took place on September 25, 2018 to CloudFlare (the day the take down took place). The company also expressed that “it wouldn’t happen again” as Zoho is obtaining its own domain registrar.  I’d suggest a brand protection service like MarkMonitor, Brandsight or CSC Corporate domains for a company the size of Zoho and running a registrar is a business in itself, but Zoho customers register domains with Zoho, so it does make sense to a point.

eBates.com has transferred its main domain name asset to brand protection service MarkMonitor… potentially enticed by what happen to Zoho?

Kuumba.com, which I mentioned in the last domain name moves, but the buyers were not known, was purchased by AT&T.

Liqs.com has been acquired by Bauer Brands. LLC from Name Administration Inc. The domain name held a buy now price of $37,700 at the time of purchase, although the exact sales price is unknown. Bauer Brands offers a Liqs premixed cocktail shots. This is a domain name upgrade for the brand, as they are currently using LiqsShot.com. Liqs is the highlighted brand name, so it’s wise to acquire the exact match brand domain, plus it’s less restrictive and removes the double ss situation and removes the potential plural problem of shot/shots.

SafeMover.com has been acquired from its past owners by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The sales price is unknown.

Google registered some “One By Waymo” domain names. 1Waymo.com, Waymo1.com, WaymoOne.com and OneByWaymo.com hinting at something new. They registered several more domains like WaymoBayArea.com, WaymoDaily.com, WaymoEarlyRider.com, WaymoFleetSupport.com, WaymoNext.com, WaymoSensor.com, WaymoSensors.com, WaymoSupport.com and WaymoToday.com.

Pfizer Inc. registered QuitClip.com / .net and QuitClips.com / .net

MarkMonitor grabbed HelloTrials.com on the drop at DropCatch.com for a currently unknown client.

Corvaglia Mould AG has acquired its exact match brand .com domain name Corvaglia.com from Name Administration Inc. The domain name held a buy now of $65,000 but the exact sales price is unknown. The company currently uses Corvaglia.ch

Rock.com has transferred into CSC Corporate Domains and has potentially sold. The domain was owned prior to whois history by Escrow Associates, LLC which is owned by NCC Group PLC of the UK. The domain did display a rock band merch / t-shirt store and offered email on the Rock.com domain. In general, that doesn’t fit inline with what NCC Group does/offers. Recently, Rock.com was redirecting to RockMerch.com. RockMerch.com shows it is owned by The Rock.com Group Inc.

In general, Rock.com was owned by Domain Capital until Escrow Associates, LLC appeared in whois on 2/7/2013. The domain moved to whois privacy on November 26, 2016 and potentially was sold then by NCC Group PLC. If the domain sold now, it was likely sold by The Rock.com Group Inc. which was founded by Steve Newman. The company had $1.03 million in revenue in 2016. Rock.com acquired RockMerch.com and the business with it in 2016 and now it appears to have reverted back to that domain with Rock.com appearing to be sold. All things considered, this would only make sense to be a 7 figure sale.

Steve Newman sold GreatDomains.com to VeriSign in 2000 for about $100 million. Source

Dyme.com has been sold by Name Administration Inc. The domain name held a buy now of $101,400 at the time of the sale. The exact sales price is unknow. Dyme.co would be a potential buyer, which is a Fintech startup that was founded in 2014.

SimplyNature.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was under privacy at NameSilo at the time of the sale.

Amazon Technologies registers Reinvent2019.com, Reinvent2020.com, Reinvent2021.com, Reinvent2022.com and Reinvent2023.com. Maybe a conference?

Google LLC registered RoboticBakery.com

Netflix, Inc. registered RomaCuaron.com and RomaMovie.com

Spaceship.com appears to have been sold. The domain was owned by Jack and Sarah Miller of Austin, Texas. On or about April 4, 2018 the domain name moved to whois privacy and transferred to NameCheap. The domain name has now been placed on a dedicated server, using Verisign DNS  and cloudflare hosting, with the domain name resolving to NameCheap.com. NameCheap uses Verisign DNS for it’s main domain name and Cloudflare hosting, so right now, it would appear that NameCheap itself purchased Spaceship.com. To back this up, NameCheap filed a Trademark for the term Spaceship in May 2018. The TM filing appears to relate to registrar services.

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  1. Rock.com used to offer free email and I think they had a bunch of accounts. I had one.

  2. Thanks Jamie.I hope who sold simplynature sold for good 6 figures as it appears aldi bought it .I am sure they did as they have a trademark also for the name.

  3. What do we learn? Do not use TierraNet or GoDaddy for your valuable domains.


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