Welcome! This is Domain Movers and we keep track of corporate domain name transactions and report the findings to you. These domain name transactions are often related to new brands, products, services, advertising and more.

Here are the latest movements with a big o’ list today:

Google Inc. continues its investments into new gTLD domain names and this time acquired G.Capital

TheDeuce.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain has been registered since 1997.

Apple Inc. has acquired iCloud.net to go with its matching .com domain it already owns and uses. There are many reports that Apple paid $4.5 Million for iCloud.com. The .net domain has been registered since 2009 and has been owned by a Chinese registrant for many years and the site was a social network prior that displayed little app like icons on the home page. Baker McKenzie appears to have assisted to acquire the domain. Apple launched iCloud in October 2011, so the domain was registered prior.

Trimark Ltd. has acquired LottoIQ.com via domain name aftermarket service Sedo for a currently undisclosed amount.

Klassik Radio AG of Denmark has acquired Kubak.com also via Sedo for an undisclosed amount.

Hatsize Learning Corporation has acquired LearningSeries.com via domain name aftermarket service Afternic for an undisclosed amount. To note, the domain did hold a $1,999 offering price a few years ago.

Zappos IP, Inc. has acquired SwagSource.com. The domain name was owned by HugeDomains.com since 2015, then whois switched to a Sean Heneghan using a personal Comcast email address, then later switching to Zappos. At the time of whois switching to Sean, name servers were set to what they are now. Sean is and has been connected to many legal things relating to Zappos and was also connected to acquiring DeliverHappiness.com in an earlier Domain Movers series here.

Ostendo Technologies, Inc. has acquired HoloVision.com, from Holovisions LLC according to whois records. Ostendo raised $41.8 million in a 2016 funding round and has other investments as well. The company makes displays and QPI chips to bring holographic and 3D imagery to phones, tablets and more. (Thanks to Paul for the heads up)

Freedom Mortgage Corporation did a $2 million dollar domain name upgrade and has acquired Freedom.com through domain name broker Ali Zandi which was revealed on DomainSherpa.com. The company is currently using FreedomMortgage.com and will very likely switch to the super premium Freedom.com in the very near future. The domain was owned by Freedom Communications, Inc. prior.

TrustGaming.com which was an expired auction at GoDaddy, was suddenly renewed and sold via Sedo. Buyers are not known at this time.

Honeywell registered several new venture capital related domain names: Honewell-Ventures.com, HoneywellCapital.com, HoneywellVC.com, HonewellVenture.com and HonewellVentureCapital.com

Del Monte Foods, Inc. registered SnackDifferently.com, which I was surprised was available but the domain was never registered before.

Treva.net has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The .com is owned by GoDaddy’s NameFind division and currently holds a $15,000 buy now.

State of Rhode Island Dept. of Education briefly allowed the 2 letter domain name RI.net (ri.net) to expire.

FlamingoCrossing.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client from HugeDomains. The domain held a $2,595 offering price.

SB.com which is owned by Glaxo Group Limited (Glaxo Smith Kline) has transferred into SafeNames from the EasyDNS registrar. The domain doesn’t resolve but this may just be a simple transfer and not related to a sale.

Winterlane LLC of Hebron Kentucky has acquired its EMD with Winterlane.com with the transaction taking place at Afternic.

Amazon Technologies Inc. registered several Alexa TV related domain names like: AlexaFireTVEdition.com, AlexaSmartTv.com, AlexaTelevision.com AmazonFireTVEdition.com, FireSmartTV.com and AlexaTVEdition.com

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. registered… well…. CrustySperm.com, HomelyNanny.com,PTAPornMoms.com, ShitTunnel.com, ShatTunne.com and PlainNanny.com

StarwarsRivals.com/net, StarwarsRival.com/net, StarWarsRivals.net and a few more similar were registered using generic whois data at CSC Corporate Domains.

Nexon America Inc. appears to have sold DirtyBomb.com as the domain has transferred out of CSC Corporate Domains and transferred to Amazon under privacy. The website is live and shows the game belongs to Splash Damage Ltd. and WarChest Ltd. According to this article, Splash Damage acquired publishing rights for the Dirty Bomb game.

Juko.com appears to have been sold. The domain name was owned by Kongskilde Industries A/S and is now owned by CNH Industrial America LLC after transferring into CSC Corporate Domains.

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