Welcome to another round of domain name movers which I scour the web and look for domain names that have likely been sold or moving for another reason and they likely wouldn’t get reported otherwise. I always try to provide a price but it’s often very hard to find one. I also often only use whois data and experience because contacting either party often results in not hearing back or there are often NDA on the sales so nothing can be reported. With that said, here is today’s list:

Amber.com appears to have been sold according to whois records by Future Media Architects, Inc. to a JINGCHENG WU with a Hupo.net email address. The domain had a for sale lander from DomainNameSales.com and now the domain currently doesn’t resolve. The whois change happened on 2/3/2015.

DrinkMaker.com has been purchased by Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. with the help of BrandShelter. The domain was parked using DomainNameSales.com and has been registered since 1997.

Holo domain names are picking up steam after Microsoft announced Holo Lens / Holo Studio. Sedo is reporting 3 more Holo domain sales with HoloAds.com, HoloGolf.com and HoloCity.com and I’m sure many more are selling as well. Sedo also was the marketplace where they purchased HoloLens.com for $6,750 shortly before the announcement.

Speaking of Microsoft, they registered a couple domain names like MicrosoftCloudES.com and MicrosoftCloudES.net . They also registered MSNGamesCasino.com / .net.

Shutterfly, Inc. registered the domain name SmallTalkBigDay.com

Hug.com has potentially sold based on some whois activity. It may have sold around June 30, 2014 when the domain went into privacy protection and the domain transferred to Fabulous.com . The domain then again transferred, this time to GoDaddy on 8/6/2014.

IVMed.com has been acquired by CVS Pharmacy, Inc. from Coram LLC according to whois records. The domain was owned by Apria Healthcare prior to switching to Coram. CVS purchased Coram for $2.1 Billion and is the reason behind the transfer of the domain.

JoyMovie.com has been acquired, likely on behalf of Sony Pictures as they own the .net . JoyMovie.com was registered in 2002 with the .net registered in 2011. DNStination Inc. is displayed in whois currently, which is a generic whois used by MarkMonitor often.

Perforated.com has been sold. The domain switched from a Greg Adams in whois to Rubio Steel with a MetalDeck.com email address.

TrafficLive.com which was owned by Sohnar, was acquired when Deltek purchased Sohnar for an undisclosed amount. TrafficLive is a studio management software.

Villas.info has been acquired by Booking.com B.V. The domain sold in 2004 for $1,536 but I wasn’t able to find the recent sales price. To note, Villas.com sold in 2008 for $480,000 USD. I noticed that on 4/29/2014 Villas.com came out of privacy and has transferred to domain registrar MarkMonitor, which likely indicates another sale of the domain?  The domain was registered with Fabulous.com prior. Villas.com is built by Booking.com according to the website and is also very likely owned by them, even though DNStination Inc. is displayed in whois. Andrew at DomainNameWire.com also reported that Villa.com and many other ccTLD’s had activity around the same time. Villa.com redirects to Villas.com.

BraveBeer.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. client. The domain was registered in 2006

I have a few more that I didn’t get to research yet so I will save those for tomorrows list.

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Jamie Zoch is a domain investor, dad and dedicated husband who founded DotWeekly.com in 2008 to bring unique and helpful views on domain names. Jamie is very passionate about domain names and helping others learn and prosper.

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  1. Care to give a second opinion on the buyer behind a large sale? Your research is generally more thorough than mine can be, owing to time limitations; so I’d love to have you back up my hunch or even shoot me down.


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