Welcome to Domain Movers! We keep track of corporate domain name transactions and report the early findings to you! This is just a very small sampling of daily activity of companies securing and selling domain name assets for various reasons, mainly for branding, marketing and simply upgrading to the best domain name.

Mtia.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain name held a $45,000 offering price at the time of the sale, which was handled via Sedo.

Flawes.com which was registered in November 2015 at eNom, transferred into MarkMonitor and now displays Red Bull GmbH as the owners. The domain name is live and displays the band Flawes from Red Bull Records.

Eventbooks LLC has acquired its EMD Eventbooks.com via domain name aftermarket service Sedo for a mere $2,000. The domain did hold an offering price of $5,900.

Eagle Family Foods Group, LLC has acquired EagleFood.com from BuyDomains. The company currently uses Effgrp.com and owns about 100 domain names in general. The company also acquired the plural term, EagleFoods.com. That domain was for sale with a $22,800 offering price and was owned by Name Administration Inc. The EagleFoods.com transaction took place in early February 2017.

Buzzfeed, Inc. has acquired Homesick.com, which is a domain name upgrade for its HomesickCandles.com offering. The transaction appears to have taken place in February 2017. Prior to moving to Buzzfeed in whois, the domain name was displayed in whois as owned by a Brandon Emerson with a registrant email address of ClixBagOfTricks.com (which just came out of whois privacy to note). That domain shows Brandon appears to work at GoDaddy based on the registrant email address bemerson@godaddy.com . I researched this and that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Homesick.com held an expire date of August 25, 2014 and was owned by Anthoni Panayis of Intserve.com. The domain was registered at DomainPeople.com and appears to have expired, with name servers changing to TemporaryStatus.com. That remained until September 26, 2014 when whois changes to a Stephanie Cooper and a gmail address of stephaniecooper91@gmail.com and a Tempe AZ address of 6815 S. McClintock #1162. By October 12, 2014, Stephanie Cooper remains in whois but admin and tech email changes to clixbagoftricks@gmail, then the domain transfers to GoDaddy, still under Stephanie Cooper with the Clixbagoftricks@gmail.com email address.

Brandon Emerson showed up in whois between February and May 2015 with the 6815 address but registrant email changing to clix@clixBagOfTricks.com and Brandon Emerson. Based on this, IMO, Brandon acquired the domain in September 2014 (potentially via SnapNames as DomainPeople is a SnapNames preferred partner but I couldn’t confirm this). I never like seeing questionable stuff like this in whois but telling the whole story just from whois is hard to do. To note, no other domains connected to Brandon are near the quality of Homesick.com. Not even close!

NerfFest.com has been registered by Hasbro, Inc. for its popular Nerf brand.

Access360.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client.

Pep.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was owned by Kontron Europe GmbH in 2016 and then transferred to GoDaddy under whois privacy protection. The CSC transfer also includes a name server change to SleeperInteractive.com

Remarkable.com has moved into escrow via Escrow.com with buyers currently unknown.

Target Brands Inc. appears to have acquired CloudIsland.com from its past owner. Whois is generic currently but they registered several other TLD’s, including the .us which shows Target Brands. Target filed a TM in March 2017 and announced the new brand in May 2017 on its corporate website. To note, they did have a couple TM’s dating back to 2015 for the term as well.

Pylon which was using Cook.ai for its first product has rebranded to Tasted.com. The once BermanBraun, then rebranded to Whalerock Industries owned or still owns Tasted.com (may be leasing or making payments on Tasted.com as they remain in whois or potentially even some sort of partnership as the domain was in use as a YouTube food channel) but now Pylon is shown on the website, with content similar to what is on Cook.ai

To note, Pylon.com has been owned by Pylon co-founder Shelby Bonnie since September 15, 2011 after acquiring it in an expired domain auction on NameJet for $10,302.

GMA.com has been acquired from James Booth’s BQDN.com by domain buy service Marksmen for the company Hyundai Autoever America and not by ABC’s Good Morning America.

NoPressureZone.com has been acquired from BuyDomains.com by Marksmen, for a currently unknown client.

Video.ai has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain was for sale prior.

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  1. Thanks for doing these again Jamie! They are valuable resources and very much appreciated.

  2. Remarkable.com is resolving now. It’s a “Paper Tablet”. Their old domain was GetRemarkable.com. Their tablet looks awesome!


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