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These are often very early transactions and can highlight new brands, domain name upgrades by companies, new products, services and more. These articles are provided to help you and your business prosper, so please think about it and stay ahead of the curve.

Here is a very small sampling of the latest detection’s over the past 24 hours:

AdvertMedia GmbH has acquired Byzon.com at domain name aftermarket service Sedo. The domain earlier sold on Sedo for $1,000 EUR in 2013 but the current purchase price is undisclosed.

FON Wireless Limited has acquired FonTech.com also at Sedo. The domain name was purchased for $3,000 EUR, with the company already owning Fon.com as its main domain name.

SoundSeeker.com has been acquired at Sedo by a currently unknown client, with the help of CSC Corporate Domains.

Play Sports Network Ltd. of the UK has acquired BikeVault.com via Afternic for an undisclosed amount.

Sadler’s Wells Trust Limited has acquired SadlersWell.com also at Afternic. The domain name has been registered since August 2005. They already own SadlersWells.com, so this is a cover purchase.

Datacamp Limited has acquired the keyword rich domain name DataPacket.com from Name Administration Inc. The buy now on the domain name was $36,400 but the exact sales price is unknown.

RPM International Inc. were the buyers of the previously mentioned sale of IndustrialPaints.com domain but the buyers were not known at the time.

Gram.com appears to have been sold by HP Inc., which I had brought to light that the domain name was being offered for sale in an article on December 4, 2017 here on DotWeekly. The domain was being brokered by DigitalDNA, with whois moving to privacy and transferred to Fabulous.com, which is the reason I suspect it sold. I reached out to DigitalDNA to see if they could share any of the details on the sale. They did confirm it sold but other than that, they said they do not share any details related to sales.

Geoffrey LLC (Toys R’ Us) has acquired PlayChaser.com from its past owners with the help of The Treadstone Group. The domain has been registered since September 2013 and is server side redirecting (which I always suggest to do, as it allows the domain name to be indexed, show a title and meta description) to an app called Play Chaser on ToysRUs.com, which states: “Turn your favorite toy store into an interactive digital theme park! The FREE Play Chaser app transforms shopping for toys into a magical and interactive play experience in store, and in our holiday catalog, too!” It’s a AR style app, geared towards the future of retail. Pretty cool.

AbbVie Inc. registered Spoths.com adding to the 8,700+ other domain names owned by the company. Spoth’s Farm Market really dropped the ball to note! They currently use a sub-domain on a Weebly website and had a chance to secure there brand by owning Spoths.com but failed to do so.

Dow Jones & Company, Inc. registered BeyondTheBackup.com adding to the 3,000 other domains owned by the company.

ABDI.com (abdi.com) which was owned by Wells Fargo and was used prior by ABD Insurance and Financial Services, which is part of Wells Fargo, has transferred ownership to USI Holdings. Usi.com states that “Wells Fargo insurance joins USI”, so this was likely an asset transfer and not a direct domain purchase.

Job.com has changed name servers from Verisign over to GoogleDomains.com. The domain name remains currently at eNom but may transfer in the near future. Sometimes these movements lead to other things, like a change of ownership but it doesn’t appear to be that right now.

Disney Enterprises, Inc. registered DisneyRiviera.com, DisneysRiviera.com and DisneysRivieraResort.com adding to the 20,000 other domains owned by the company.

J.C. Penny Corporation, Inc. listed 3 domain names for sale, with the help of CSC Corporate Domains on Sedo. Zonz.com $2,400 BIN, JCP.info (which surprised me, since they use JCP.com) $1,800 and HuntClub.com $9,700. Zonz.com has been registered since 1995 and was tempting but Cabela’s offers a camo product called Zonz, Ansell Limited as 2 active TM on it.

Brightwell Payments, Inc. has acquired its exact match .com domain name, Brightwell.com which was owned by Tucows and part of its Realnames portfolio (Mailbank). This is a big purchase and a brand securing one as well. The company was using BrightwellPayments.com. I would expect this sale to be well into the five figures, if not higher. The Brightwell surname is pretty popular with many companies using it. I was a little confused, as Brightwell.com resolves to Brightwell, while BrightwellPayments.com still resolves as well. Both websites are different though. On the bottom of Brightwell.com, it shows Brightwell Payments, Inc., so I’m not sure why both websites are resolving or if one is new and the other is old etc.

GoDaddy sold about 34 domains out its NameFind portfolio. A couple that grabbed my attention were LiveTours.com which was acquired by LiveTours.eu and Universal Pictures acquired FirstMan.com which held a buy now of $4,199.

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  1. A lot of “Beyond” domain name purchases lately…

  2. Perhaps Telegram is te buyer of Gram. They plans to launch its own blockchain platform and cryptocurrency. I feel that TON dot com will be also sold in near future.

  3. Gabia out of Korea was inquiring about a lot of gram domains

  4. Way to Go Jamie!!Another nice discovery.Nice to hear your input Logan.Always stuck to your article.


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