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Domain Movers keeps track of company focused domain name transactions. These are often early indicators of new brands, new marketing and advertising efforts, domain name upgrades and much more! This is interesting stuff, lesson learning and more and is the reason we share this important information!

Here is just a small sampling of some recent company focused domain name transactions:

Toft Group has done a domain name upgrade and acquired at Sedo for $5,500 EUR. The company currently uses but focuses and brands simply as “Toft Group”. Wise purchase.

Three updates on earlier reported sold domains but the buyers were not known at the time of me reporting them was acquired by ZirMed, Inc. and was acquired by American Specialty Health Incorporated. Both domains were acquired with the help of domain buyer brokerage service Marksmen. Deutsche Lufthansa AG were the buyers of

Gree Inc. has acquired from Name Administration Inc. The domain name held a buy now of $38,987 at the time of purchase, but the exact sales price is unknown. Gree is a publicly traded company in Japan.

ElringKlinger AG has done a domain name upgrade and has acquired, also from Name Administration Inc. The domain name held a buy now of $53,300 at the time of purchase. The company currently uses currently. The Germany based company is in the automotive industry. has been acquired by a Sherry Saeedi according to whois records. The domain name is already resolving to a service called Veeps that allows bands to create VIP ticket packages for fans. The domain name held a buy now of $37,700 at the time of purchase and was owned by Name Administration Inc.

RPM International Inc. acquired from DomainMarket with the help of CSC Corporate Domains. It appears that DomainMarket acquired the domain name via NameJet in late 2016 for $232. DotWeekly reported on this sale in September 2017 but the buyers were unknown at that time. Sales price is unknown but knowing Mike, it was likely five figures at a minimum.

Heineken International B.V has registered adding to the 900+ other domain names they already own. appears to have been sold by ConAgra Foods, Inc. to the restaurant Forkful, in Jacksonville, NC according to whois records. Whois records showed the domain under Daniel J. Edelman, Inc. (marketing firm) at MarkMonitor for the past several years and then switching to ConAgra in October 2016 (both of which were reported on by DotWeekly when they took place). ConAgra used the domain for a “blog about food” and did use it with promotions and a separate page on Facebook and Youtube and it’s own website. It didn’t appear to really take off. This is a big domain name upgrade for the restaurant, as it was using prior.

Beckman Coulter Inc. has acquired from its past owners for an undisclosed amount. Beckman is in the medical industry and the purchase may related to a DNA extraction kit announced in late 2016 called FFPE (Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded). has been sold by Name Administration Inc. to a currently unknown buyer. The domain held a buy now of $76,700 at the time of purchase but the exact sales price is unknown.

Name Administration Inc. sold several domains (as seen above, and continuing here)! was acquired by LeoVegas Gaming Ltd. The domain held a buy now of $37,700. which held a buy now of $63,700 and which held a $58,500 buy now to an unknown buyers.

Dynamic Code AB has acquired its exact match .com domain name, at Sedo. The company currently uses and owns about 25 domains total. has acquired from HugeDomains. The domain name held a $2,495 buy now at the time of the transaction.

Tucows/YummyNames appears to have warehoused The domain was registered at Tucows, held an expiration date of October 28, 2017. A November 1, 2017 shows the name servers. The domain name then moves to whois privacy on December 8, 2017 and parking via name servers. As of January 19, 2018 whois now shows (Tucows) as the owners with the domain name using name servers. Most surnames have some pretty decent value, mainly due to heavy branding with surnames. Ashton Kutcher I’m sure wouldn’t mind owning the domain or the many Kutcher related business people in the world.

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5 thoughts on “Domain Movers:, + More

  1. How FS prices those names makes me wonder.5 figure sales are so sweet to have when you can sell those names weekly.Easy to hit a million with just 20 names when priced well.Most domainers with no guts would easily buckle and sell for mid $$$$ .Thanks for the info Jamie,helps me reevaluate my pricing from time to time with my decent names.

    1. I look at pricing as a way to “set the tone” on a first impression. You visit a domain and you see $37,000. You either RUN and don’t come back or you say to yourself, I’d pay $20K or $25K etc. It removes tire kickers (for the most part) and just sets a tone as to what you are expecting. I’d bet most that I’m reporting are not selling for the listed Buy Now, but I’m sure they are somewhat close. You list no price, the potential buyer may over shoot the thought and not contact. I’d rather price, set the tone and take it from there but setting a buy now means you have to stay on top of things as prices shouldn’t stay what they are for long!

      1. “Setting a tone” by showing a high BIN price also helps the prospective buyer “value” a name. They see the price and (some of the buyers anyway) assume that the domain name must be worth that much on the open marketplace for domain names. Many buyers have heard of domain names selling for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars already so your high BIN price may seem logical if your name is good enough. If you also have a Make Offer field on the landing page with a (high) minimum offer, it makes the prospective buyer feel like they just might get a chance to get a great deal on your great name below the higher “value” amount. Once they make you an offer at or above the (high) minimum offer, the game is afoot and you are very likely to get the domain name sold at a nice price that both you and the buyer will be happy with because they would rather have the domain name and you would rather have the cash.

  2. Amazingly good to see some Germans finally paying up a healthy amount for a .com domain name. By the way, ElringKlinger AG is not based in Denmark — .de is for Germany (Deutschland).

    1. Thanks for the correction Logan, fixed. I wasn’t basing ElringKlinger’s home base on the .de 🙂 I must have been looking at something else when I wrote Denmark though.

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