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This is really a tiny sample of daily activity of domain names related to businesses but I feel it’s important to highlight at least some, which result in these reports. Today’s report took me 4 hours, 53 minutes to compile. Enjoy!

Tucows has sold Tarbox.com to a currently unknown buyer. The domain transferred into GoDaddy under privacy and was part of Tucows Mailbank domain portfolio prior. Tarbox is a surname and many companies use the term as its business name, any one of them could be the buyers.

Symbiotic.com was sold at Sedo for $19,507 to currently unknown buyers. The domain held a $25K buy now.

Marel hf. has acquired mConnect.com for $10,000 EUR via domain name aftermarket service Sedo. The MarkMonitor client owns around 50 domains, is a public company and offers food processing equipment.

Chloride.com has been sold by domain brokerage firm MediaOptions via Afternic. Buyers are currently unknown due to it being early in the transaction. It appears that Andrew acquired this domain on NameJet in late February 2016 for $8,754.

Guthy-Renker LLC has acquired TheBodyFirm.com via domain name aftermarket service Afternic.

Kingston Technology Company, Inc. has acquired SunFoundation.com, also at Afternic.

Craftsman.com has moved ownership over to Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. The domain has been registered since July 30, 1998. Sears sold Craftsman to Stanley Black & Decker for $900 million in January 2017. Great brand name and I think Stanley got a great deal on it!

Bold.com has transferred into corporate brand protection service MarkMonitor. The domain was registered at GoDaddy prior and moved under whois privacy protection in October 2015 when it was likely sold by P. A. Gordon. Bold was formally LiveCareer. I did mention this domain movement in Nov 2016. In general, MarkMonitor normally only takes on clients with a large brand portfolio, so there may be more to this move.

Disney registered a slew of “Lion King + City” domain names. LionKingBoise.com and LionKingReno.com are two examples and they also added The to the terms as well, TheLionKingFresno.com for an example.

CreationClub.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was using the Uniregistry system and was under whois privacy. The domain has been registered since 2004.

Frito-Lay North America, Inc / PepsiCo registered  PepsiCoeGrocery.com

Petco registered WholeheartedPet.com, adding to the 144 other domain names they currently own.

Name Administration Inc. (Frank Schilling) continues his roll and unloaded several domain names. Hunky.com is one that moved into privacy protection. That domain I couldn’t find a price for but it holds potential to be high five, likely six figures. LabelMachine.com sold to a Todd Stenberg, the domain held a $22,800 buy now price. FR Capital Holdings LP acquired ThePick.com, which held a $49,000 buy now price. Discus bvba acquired Dils.com, which had a $42,000 buy now price. All of the following went into privacy and the associated buy now prices each had:

  • OceanContainers.com $22,800
  • UnderwaterHotel.com $22,800
  • BeachCommunities.com $22,800
  • PepperBalls.com No price provided
  • WholesaleSneakers.com No price provided
  • BikeEurope.com $25,200
  • ChristmasTreeGrowers.com $26,400
  • CreditCardPoints.com $29,000

SE.com appears to have been sold and the likely buyers appears to be located in France. Based on my research, SE.com which was owned by CentralNic (public company) was tied into the “Elite Domains” portfolio that GoDaddy acquired in April 2016. The domain remained on CentralNic name servers until 5/8/2017 when the domain transferred to registrar Corehub, S.R.L. and the name servers Perf1.com and also behind NameShield Proxy Service.

In this article, I highlight the 2 letter domains and note the several that are mentioned that were removed from NameFind but owned by NameFind. Notice Update #2 is a confirmation directly from GoDaddy, confirming ownership of 6 specific domains, one of which was SE.com.

EchoShow.com was acquired by Amazon Technologies, likely around April 20, 2016 when the domain moved to Comlaude. Amazon just announced the Echo Show, an Echo video screen Alexa powered device.

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  1. Yes Centralnic have taken down my website http://www.hotel.kr.com loads of other websites have been switched off by this company today with total disreagrd to the businesses and all the effort and money that went into it. Pure greed. No one can feel safe with a centralnic domain under *.us.com or *.uk.com after tjhis reprehnsible action.

  2. OceanContainers, UnderwaterHotel and rest listed below all sold by FS?


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