Welcome to another round of domain name movers that I noticed while digging around and figured I would share some interesting things that I had seen.

RightTrack.com was purchased by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, which appears to have taken place about 2/18/2013. The domain was purchased using the Name Advisers arm of MarkMonitor. Then the domain went into general whois data at MarkMonitor using the DNStination, Inc. name. It appears that Ammar Kubba owned the domain at one point but I’m not sure if he sold it prior to it selling to Liberty Mutual as the domain went into privacy on 8/31/2010 and remained that way until Name Advisers was displayed.

Liberty appears to be getting ready to finally use the domain and are now forwarding it to libertymutual.com/righttrack . They have also trademarked the term Right Track, which took place on March 1, 2013. The TM is for an electronic device that collects data of motorists to determine eligibility for insurance discounts.

I wasn’t able to find a purchase price for the domain, but I have a feeling it wasn’t “cheap”.

HBONow.com is in full swing of heading to HBO from its past owner who registered the domain on 9/22/2014. I am not sure if a purchase took place or legal means were used to obtain the domain name. The domain is currently pending transfer and HBO set DNS prior to the transfer process. As I mentioned in this article I expected HBO to be naming its new stand alone streaming service HBO Now. They will soon have the exact match domain for it.

BalanceItOut.com, a domain name that expired at GoDaddy and appears to have been grabbed on the drop (likely via NameJet) was purchased by MarkMonitor and behalf of Pfizer Inc. on 9/22/2012. Pfizer appears to be finally ready to put the domain name to use in some way, as they have just set domain name servers using DYN hosting.

EchoSecurity.com has been purchased and the likely buyer is Amazon. The domain was owned by HugeDomains.com . Based on what I could see, the domain was listed for $2,295. The domain was grabbed on the drop on 10/22/2014 via DropCatch.com for HugeDomains.com. Whois only currently shows the generic MarkMonitor registrar data of DNStination Inc.

One thing that makes this domain sale interesting is the keywords, which would hint that Amazon may use its newly launched Echo speaker product as a security measure.

Head scratcher award of the day.. Therm-O-Disc, Inc. (Emerson). They registered the domain names Sensenable.net and Sensenable.org on 1/22/2015 and registered Sensenable.com on 1/23/2015! CSC Corporation Service Company is the registrar used by Emerson. If I had seen the .net and .org registered and the .com available yesterday, I would have registered the domain name… and I know others do this as well. Why they waited an extra day to register the .com, I’m not sure but it was available when they registered the .net and .org! They got lucky and it could have been a costly mistake by either CSC or Emerson, whoever registered the domain.

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8 Responses to Domain Movers: EchoSecuirty.com, HBONow.com & More
  1. RightTrack.com is a phenomenal domain. I wonder how much they paid.

    • @Todd,
      I really like the domain as well! If Ammar still owned it, I’m sure he would ask for a fairly large amount (because he has a big bank account and I’m sure he liked the domain also).

  2. I got an inquiry on a similar echo name via afternic , I priced double what they did

    • @Mike,
      Did you sell yours? HugeDomains/NameBright/TurnCommerce is a volume seller. They are paying about $8 per domain they grab.. so selling for over $2K in a short period of time is nice profit when you own about 1.8 million domain names and the sales happen daily for them. They price most domains in the sweet spot ($1K-$5K) and I also think they do this to avoid some legal troubles, as the purchase is a guarantee to get the domain, a UDRP for about $1,500 is not.

      • I think it came in on monday for pricing request, they usually take a few days, no sale as of yet, the timing, and keywords seem to represent same party. It is set on a for sale lander, with link, but these guys never take this option if they don’t have to. I will update if it does sell.

        • @MikeT,
          Good Luck, I hope you sell it! I got a price request today via Afternic as well. In all my years domaining, this is the first price request that I have received! 🙂 Not sure what to price mine yet, because the domain is on a product/site already though!

  3. ….If I had seen the .net and .org registered and the .com available yesterday, I would have registered the domain name… and I know others do this as well. …

    What sites allow for one to see extensions being registered except the .com?
    How real time are they?

    • @John,
      The zone files update a couple times a day, so you would almost have to process it (with a lot of resources, aka very expensive) and then you would have to run another process to see if “other” TLD’s are available. Verisign did offer DomainView / grapher but I think that may have went away. The grapher basically showed almost real time domain registrations, then you would have to manually check other TLD’s.


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