Welcome to another round of domain movers in a series where I search tens of thousands of domains that secretly move around and unless somebody is digging, likely wouldn’t notice them. Some of these domains have been sold (to a large company or by a large company) some are just moving for a reason or unknown reason. I try to find sales prices if I can but it’s hard to do most of the time. Here is today’s list, not the greatest I admit but I can only report on what I see. It’s still an interesting list though! I did see a lot of movers in general (nice generics, but none of them sold and where just moving hosts or registrars and I rarely report on just that kind of move) Here is today’s list:

KeyClear.com has been purchased by ALERE SWITZERLAND GMBH. The domain name was registered in 2007.

NightlyShow.com has also been acquired by (likely) Comedy Central to go along with TheNightlyShow.com that I reported on recently . Both TheNightlyShow.com and NightlyShow.com were owned by Robert Johnson. The Nightly Show was launched on January 19, 2015 on Comedy Central and is a spin off of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Robert Johnson also owns NightlyShow.net and TheNightlyShow.net which currently do not appear to have been included in the purchases of the .com’s.

ClearIQ.com has been acquired by Trans Union LLC from a Kristen Rose according to whois records. Kristen owns several “IQ” domains and I think this was just a case of TransUnion Healthcare happened to launch a new feature and named it ClearIQ. The feature appears to be related to a quote before a procedure and it allows a patient to set up a payment plan. Either way, ClearIQ.com is much easier to mention to people to learn more about than using the current: healthcare.transunion.com/cleariq/

Impressionen.com has been acquired by a CSC Corporate Domains on behalf of a currently unknown company. The domain is German and translates to Impressions in English. The domain has been registered since 1998.

BeeWonderful.com has been purchased by POM Wonderful from HugeDomains.com . The domain had a listing price of $1,695 and was likely around what the domain sold for. This is a “radio test” fail domain so owning BeWonderful.com (totally different meaning but to cover any traffic loss, it would be important to own the domain and redirect it to BeeWonderful.com). I do not see them doing this, in this case. In general, BeeWonderful.com seems like a crappy domain, but POM has been registering a ton of domains relating to products and the keyword Wonderful with it. Roll Global (owner of POM) has purchased the domain Wonderful.com which you heard here first on DotWeekly back in August 2014. Interestingly enough, they have yet to do anything with the domain, but I think they are working on buying/registering a lot more domains with “Wonderful” in it. BeWonderful.com is for sale by the way, owned by Mike Mann / DomainMarket.com and is listed for $35K.

CalPure.com was also purchased by POM Wonderful from HugeDomains.com but I couldn’t find a price on this one. The domain was registered in 2012 and the domain may have to do with Cal Pure Pistachios.

Duels.com which has been using the generic whois data DNStination Inc. since September 2010 and has since sat empty (website wise) has transferred out of MarkMonitor and over to domain registrar GoDaddy.com and put under privacy protection. The domain is currently resolving to a standard GoDaddy landing/parking page. This could indicate a sale of the domain but could also mean a lot of other things. One thing I know, the move isn’t very common, so it indicates something is up!

The owner of the world has sold himself! Well, the owner of TheWorld.com has sold his surname as a domain name, Shein.com via Sedo. Barry Shein, the first ISP provider! Barry owns some nice domain names like Complaint.com, STD.com and Yuck.org! I reached out to Barry to see why he sold himself but he hasn’t replied yet at time of posting. He had $95,000 reasons to sell, because that is what the domain name Shein.com sold for.

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