Welcome to the latest Domain Movers on DotWeekly, where we focus on corporate domain name transactions and report the early findings to you.

These are often early indicators of new brands, products, services, advertising campaigns and much more. I’m still trying to fight a nasty illness, with today being day 8 with a fever but I’m starting to feel slightly better. Enough about me, here are the latest detection’s:

Chna.com has changed registrants from Cyberspace Homesites & Associates, Inc. to NTT America, Inc. The domain has been registered since 1998.

JR.com changed ownership from RNYK, LLC of New York, NY to Raymond Liu of 62.com. The change of ownership took place on January 6, 2017 according to whois records but I didn’t see any note that I reported it yet.

Curve.com has had some movement on it. The domain was owned by General Motors LLC. as late as March 27, 2017 and many years prior. Now the whois has changed to generic CSC Corporate Domains whois and name servers have changed to domain parking service ParkingCrew. That parking page is displaying a Buy This Domain. Great domain name!

Update: I checked with Monte Cahn of RightOfTheDot.com to see if he is brokering the domain name (he often brokers CSC domains) and he was able to confirm that he is brokering Curve.com and it’s for sale.

First Data Corporation has acquired GiftSolutions.com via Afternic, out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio.

Apple Inc. registered 3 new domain names and those were ClimbSomeTrees.com, OrchardIsDope.com and TheOrchardAtApple.com

Siteways Group BV acquired NextISP.com at domain name aftermarket service Sedo.com

Integrated Internet Services B.V. has acquired Neber.com also at Sedo.com, this one sold for $1,100 EUR

Magpie Technologies Limited has acquired ManageMy.com, also at Sedo for $4,500.

XO Group Inc. has acquired FoundHer.com out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. Comodo Group, Inc. acquired HackerProof.com also out of the NameFind portfolio and REFLECTS GmbH has acquired its EMD Reflects.com also out of the portfolio. Reflects is currently using Reflects.de.

Pivot Room Inc. has acquired its EMD PivotRoom.com at domain name aftermarket service Afternic.

H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB announced a new brand and secured the EMD well prior to the announcement. Arket is the new brand name and they secured Arket.com about March 22, 2016, a good year ahead of the brand announcement. The domain was owned by Arket AB prior.

OTTY Holdings LTD has acquired its EMD Otty.com using Escrow.com to manage the funds and domain transfer.

Voxiva and Sense Health announced a merge and new brand called Wellpass. The new company did acquire the EMD Wellpass.com and did that about April 26, 2016, about 1 year prior to announcing. The domain was owned by an individual and has been registered since 1999.

Activision Publishing, Inc. has acquired ArmyOfTheDead.com adding to the 1,200 other domain names they currently own.

Greenled Oy of Finland has acquired Greenled.com. The domain held a $72,500 buy now price and is currently redirecting to Greenled-Lighting.com, so a great domain upgrade for the company.

Dova.com sold for $30,000 EUR and Alabaster.com sold for $10,000 both at Sedo. Both transactions are early and do not reveal buyers yet.

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  1. Thanks Jamie, always informative and interesting to see where corporate players are gravitating to increase their brands.

  2. Goes to show that if you only look at transactions on DNJournal or NameBio, you are missing a whole slew of domain name transactions done by big end users. Awesome insights, Jamie!


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