Welcome to Domain Movers, where DotWeekly keeps track of corporate domain name transactions and puts a pulse on this part of the marketing. With the holidays, activity surely drops off and this has been no different the past week. There are still transactions taking place, just fewer.

Here are the domains DotWeekly tracked over the past several days:

Herbalife International of America, Inc. allowed the domain name iChange.com to reach expired status at Network Solutions. The company had a full nutrition coaching website on the domain that holds an Alexa global rank of 948,810 and United States rank of 545,752. The domain was then later renewed.

ThinDown.com was owned by Apollo Endosurgery, Inc. and registered at MarkMonitor. The domain has since transferred to GoDaddy and is now owned by NIPI with an email address of ThinDown.it

CMC Online s.r.o has acquired the make sense domain name EasyToDo.com out of the NameFind domain name portfolio for an undisclosed amount. Although a “3 word domain”, I have seen domain names just like this sell for upwards of mid five figures. Like GetStuffDone.com for $40,000 for an example. Terms like these “stick” with people and are often powerful messages that strike a cord by relating to what a person needs or wants to do.

Virtual Inc. has acquired its EMD, VirtualInc.com from GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. They are currently using VirtualMgmt.com, so it’s a domain upgrade for them in a way. They still brand themselves as “Virtual”, which they do not own in the matching .com as Virtual Enterprises, Inc. owns Virtual.com.

Airbnb, Inc. acquired the domain name Samara.com from BAK Apparel Inc. for a design studio and this is now reflected in whois records. I had reported this back in August 2016 but whois records took until now to reflect it.

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. registered a couple new domain names and those were CleanIsLove.com and ArmAndHammerDoesThat.com adding to the 1,000+ other domain names they own.

Pheenix, Inc. registered several new DNS domain names, Buy-This-Domain-Today.com, Im-Selling-This-Domain.com and You-Can-Buy-This-Domain.com

Merck KGaA has acquired the domain name CoverOne.com with Casper Thomsen (Partner and Founder of Thomsen Trampedach) showing up in whois records around October 22, 2016 using a gmail address.

American Security Systems has done a domain name upgrade and acquired AmericanSecurity.com. How big of an upgrade? Big for them, because they were using Amsecsys.com (terrible domain, being a made up, 3 word acronym). Congrats on the wise investment.

Marksmen Inc. helps a currently unknown client acquire LivingWithCancer.com from BuyBestDomains.com for an undisclosed amount.

MarketStreet.net has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain had a listing price of $4,588 and was owned by BuyDomains.com prior.

A couple notable domain name sales at Sedo with some sales prices were: Ridgeback.com $7,500, Drove.com $18,500, Cave.com $61,350 which was purchased by Electronic Creations Corporation and T4.com $44,000.

ZeroBasedBudgeting.com has been acquired from BuyDomains.com by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain has been registered since 2002. I was not able to find a sales price.

GreenState.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client.

Microsoft Corporation has registered the domain name FlipWithSurface.com adding to the 82,000+ other domain names they own.

The Nielsen Company US, LLC transferred Claritas.com out of MarkMonitor over to GoDaddy and in the process took down the website. Something is up with the domain name, just not sure what at this point. Potential sale?

Golf Galaxy Inc. took ownership of a large amount of Golfsmith International, Inc’s domain names. Golfsmith was acquired during a bankruptcy auction for $70 million by Dick’s Sporting Goods. Dick’s owns Golf Galaxy. Most domains included the Golfsmith brand name but a few didn’t. Nothing of high quality that I seen move.

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Jamie Zoch is a domain investor, dad and dedicated husband who founded DotWeekly.com in 2008 to bring unique and helpful views on domain names. Jamie is very passionate about domain names and helping others learn and prosper.

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  1. Thank you, Jamie. Great info.
    Pheenix surely is into something with their hyphenated names…..
    Phrases seem to be popular.


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