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The following are movements detected on Saturday (4/8/2017), so not a huge list due to the weekend but several important domains for those who acquired them:

AOL Inc. has acquired OathMedia.com in its continued efforts securing the new brand name term “Oath”. The domain was registered December 6, 2016 under privacy at GoDaddy, so there is potential that they were behind that registration. The domain has since transferred into corporate registrar CSC.

Speaking of Oath, the Oath.com domain name they recently acquired is now live and displays the brands of the future brand.

Carol.com has been sold by GoDaddy.com, out of its NameFind domain portfolio. Since I’m aware of all of the personal names in the portfolio, Carol was one of, if not the best remaining. The domain was purchased by a Vicente Goetten of Mountain View, CA. Another personal name also sold, Kirstin.com which was acquired by Kirstin Maldonado of Encino, Ca. (likely the singer from Pentatonix).

GoDaddy continued with nice domains selling, including LowKey.com, SilverRain.com, NoDrilling.com, SwissCredit.com, IPMall.com, ODP.org, WebMedics.com and several 4 letter .com domains.

Demand Media (Leaf Group) has acquired LegalBeagle.com from Tucows.

Marksmen has helped a currently unknown client acquire FindMySite.com. The domain was owned by Tucows YummyNames.com division prior.

FactsOnHand.com, and NFFI.org have been acquired for currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains clients. CSC also helped Lafarge Holcim Ltd acquire UHPC.com.

Post Holdings, Inc. has acquired the domain name BulkGranola.com from its past owner. The domain was registered in May 2014.

Reks.com has been acquired by Solarna, LLC, the owners of Reks Optics. The domain was owned by Frank Schillings Name Admin Inc. and had an offering price of $92,400. This would be an EMD upgrade for the company as they are currently using ReksOptics.com, although everything focuses simply on “Reks”.

Groupon Inc. has acquired BeautyNow.com. The domain was owned by GoDaddy’s NameFind and moved into Afternic escrow on November 1, 2016 and then whois changed to Greenberg Traurig, LLP law firm, then Groupon.

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  1. analyze.com sold to brent oxley


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