Welcome to the latest Domain Movers, that focuses on corporate domain name transactions and reports the early findings to you. The following is a very small sampling of the past 24 hours of domain movement on the corporate level and we see many companies highly active in the low to mid range aftermarket ($1,xxx-$4,xxx), with several high end movers as well ($xx,xxx and up).

Facebook Inc. registered SheLeadsTech.com, .net and .org. Facebook now owns over 3,300 domain names.

XS.com appears to have sold? The domain was mentioned to be for sale in Dec 2016 by Expert Support and the domain has just switched to “OK” status which normally indicates a transfer of registrars will be taking place shortly. This happens many times after a sale takes place. All 2 letter .com sales hold the potential to be 7 figure deals.

GlaxoSmithKline LLC moved several of its domain names over to Amazon hosting, with one those being Quit.com which they offer a website and products to quit smoking. They have owned the domain for a long time, at least since 2003 which is the oldest whois history record on file.

PawPress.com has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client from Mike Mann’s DomainMarket. The domain had a $2,000 buy now price.

General Electric Company has acquired FieldCore.com from HugeDomains using Afternic. This domain had a much higher price than the majority of HugeDomains inventory (most are $1,895-$3,995 range) with a $19,595 buy now price. The exact sales price is not known but I’d expect it to be close the the buy now price.

Microsoft registered a couple new domain names and those were MicrosoftIOTCenter.com/.net and MicrosoftIOTCentral.com/.net. They also registered SwitchToSkype.com and SBM-Demo.com/.net

Johnson & Johnson has acquired TigerStudy.com from BuyDomains. The domain moved into privacy protection in January 2017 and has just moved out of whois privacy showing J&J.

Disney Enterprises, Inc., owners of BreastFeed.com, have moved that domain onto a Media Temple hosting server and may be up to something. It appears that Disney acquired the domain when they acquired iParenting, LLC.

GoDaddy has sold one of its premium 2 letter .com domain names and this time was BS.com, which was sold into the Chinese market. The majority of the 2 letter .com domains owned by GoDaddy have an offering price of around $2 million and they have about 13 remaining of the 26 they acquired during the Elite Domains portfolio purchase.

DomainGang.com reported the sales by MediaOptions of Flu.com and Lost.com both going to end user buyers, with Flu.com owned by an end user prior already.

Stress Less, LLC has sold its main domain name StressLess.com via domain name aftermarket service Sedo for an undisclosed amount, to a currently unknown buyer due to it being early in the transaction. To note, the domain was listed on Afternic also for $6,400,000 buy now and a $3,000,000 minimum offer. Based on the listing on Afternic, this appears to be more than a domain name sale and stated: “Includes all trademarked/copyrighted website content/interactive programs, 18 proprietary products/programs protected by 14 US Trademarks (nutritional supplements; homeopathic products; biofeedback products; massagers; essential oils and diffusers; retail and catalogs; and lifestyle items- clothes ;relaxation music; newsletters; books; and candles among others. Voted one of best sites in Health and Wellness category by the Purple Book and our Feel Better Kit/Program has been endorsed by the Health and Wellness Club.”

GoDaddy always sells many domains to companies out of its NameFind portfolio daily but a few of those include: MetalMarket.com to Metal Market Asia Pte. Ltd. Helluva.com to BALCON Enterprises Inc. ApparelMarket.com to Lite Breeze, Inc. and BusinessPhoneNumber.com to its parent company Go Daddy Operating Company, LLC. GoDaddy also owns BusinessPhoneNumbers.com through its NameFind division but has not changed ownership on that one, at least not yet. Does this indicate that GoDaddy is getting into the phone number biz?

CSC Corporate Domains has been busy buying domains on behalf of clients. Some more of those include BBLZ.com, Privelux.com, StorkUSA.com and WeGame.com all for currently unknown clients.

Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board registered its acronym FRTIB.com/.net

DropMix.com has been acquired by Hasbro, Inc. from its past owners for an undisclosed amount.

InsiderX.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client.

CSC Corporate Domains had 581 registrant changes yesterday alone and over 150 NameServer changes. MarkMonitor had 573 registrant movements and over 160 DNS changes. In general, around 100 new domains or more (sometimes thousands) are registered daily with each service, which are the two most popular corporate domain name service providers. All of these movements are just based on 1 email address and 1 name server for each service, so the total numbers are much higher, but I wanted to give you a generalized idea of volume.

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