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Here is a small sampling of the detected domain activity by companies over the past 24 hours:

Braze.com has been acquired by corporate domain buy service Marksmen from Ghines Group SRL for a currently unknown buyer. The domain has been registered since 2000.

Marksmen also acquired AthenaOne.com, which has been registered since 2011 for Athena Health Inc.

Misys Limited has acquired Finastra.com with the newly launched Fintech site stating “Misys and D+H joined forces to create the third largest Fintech company in the world”. The website also states as they continue to build the site, Misys.com and DH.com are business as usual.

AstroNova, Inc. were the buyers of GetLabel.com that I mentioned was acquired by the buyers were unknown at that time. MyTurbo.com was acquired by Intuit, Inc. as I expected and announced at the time of reporting the domain sold but buyers were also unknown at the time.

Arrow Electronics, Inc. have acquired SensorToSunset.com. The domain held an offering price of $1,950 and was registered in March 2017.

MasterCard International Inc. registered CityPossible.net. The .com is listed for sale currently via Uniregistry and was also registered in March 2017.

Amazon Technologies Inc. (assumed due to generic whois data but could be another company or campaign) registered 40+ domain names that likely relate to its second headquarters search. The domains included Amazon+CityName.com. Cities included Birmingham, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, GrandRapids, Harford, Houston, Indy, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Louisville, Memphis, Milwaukee and more. I am still seeing a focus on Detroit, with specific registrations that other cities do not have. Included in these 40+ registrations were AmazonHQ2Det.com .net and AmazonHQ2Detroit.net (.com is registered at Google under privacy on September 9, 2017). As well as HQ2Det.info (.com registered under privacy at CSC on September 14, 2017) and HQ2Detroit.info (again, .com registered at Google under privacy on September 9, 2017) On September 11, 2017 was the first detection of the Detroit name singled out with registrations potentially by Amazon and I detected more and reported those on September 14, 2017 that once again singled out Detroit. To note, Andrew Allemann of DomainNameWire.com pointed out via Twitter that some of these registrations may be by cities trying to get Amazon to build with them, including Detroit for an example. I’m certainly leaning towards what Andrew says now, with one fact that almost all of the mentioned domains are registered at CSC Corporate Domains and not the common MarkMonitor registrar used by Amazon.

It is NOT common though to have corporate registrars, registering other companies brand names, so I didn’t even think of it potentially being somebody like Dan Gilbert who could be behind the registrations. Dan is from Detroit and owns Quicken Loans, Cleveland Cavilers and much more but again, Quicken Loans for example uses MarkMonitor but Rock Ventures, LLC (owned by Dan Gilbert) uses CSC Corporate Domains. Hard to tell.

The Coca-Cola Company registered CocaColaRenew.com

Southwest Airlines Co. registered FamilyFlyaway.com adding to the 1,000+ other domain names the company already owns.

HCA – Information Technology & Services, Inc. has acquired FixMyHeart.com from HugeDomains via Afternic. The transaction took place in July 2017 and the domain held an offering price of $2,495

Paypal Inc. has won PayPals.com via UDRP, a domain name that has been registered since March 2003. The domain was long under whois privacy but was owned by Paybyweb, Inc. of Saint Petersburg, Florida. There is a lot of helpful information the ruling, so if you have some time, it’s worth a read.

Facebook Inc. registered several more domain names and those include BallerProject.com .net .org, DateProject.net .org, FavorHeroes.com, .net .org, FoosballProject.com .net .org and ScanProject.net

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  1. Thanks Jamie for the detailed Amazon to Detroit explanation. If its the Detroit folks who are registering, am impressed with their domain name savvyness (atleast in that respect they are ahead of the the other cities competing)


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